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I’m Matthew Maratea, the head writer for Last Out Media. I figured out I wasn’t going professional in any sport pretty early in life, so I tried to figure out ways to stay involved. I managed to stretch a hockey career into college, but by then I was reading as much about sports as I was playing. In college I pursued a journalism degree and after stops at Penn State and Temple I graduated from Rider University with a degree in Sports Media (and a minor in History) in 2019.

I hooked up with John and Frankie while I was there and now here we are two websites later. I’m a fan of all the Philly sports and I’ll be jumping in here and there on every team. My main focus will be the Flyers and boxing, with a focus on Philly fighters and Philly shows. I’m also a big UFC fan so I’ll throw that in whenever I can. I’m also going to jump in on teams outside the Philly 4, like the Union, Wings, Barrage, the Bluecoats, Fusion, Phantoms and whoever else pops up. I’ll also be breaking down sports video game soundtracks, ranking beers at various sporting venues and who knows?

If you want to interact with me or join the squad let me know on social media @mmaratea22 on either Twitter or Instagram. I also host my own podcast called The Sporting Chance Podcast which has it’s own Twitter and Instagram accounts as well if you want even more from me. Also look out for Learn About World Cuisine, a food podcast on the Last Out Media network!

Who is your favorite all time Philly coach?

Larry Bowa. He helped rebuild the Phillies into a competitive team and showed a crazy amount of fire. He was ejected 22 times during his managerial stint! In a way Bowa taught me that hating to lose can be even more valuable than wanting to win in some cases.

Who is your favorite Philadelphia role player?

I couldn’t pick just one so I grabbed one for each of the four major teams.

Flyers Todd Fedoruk- He fought everyone! In parts of five seasons with the Flyers the least amount of penalty minutes he had was 84!

76ers Kyle Korver- He hit dagger after dagger. Him getting hot was so oddly electric and his resemblance to Ashton Kutcher continues to be hilarious to me.

Eagles Bryan Braman- Just look up his Super Bowl speech. Guy was nuts, tried to kill everyone he hit, and made his first career tackle WITHOUT A HELMET.

Phillies Chris Coste- The 33 year old rookie. How could you not love him? Plus, I played catcher in baseball so I’m always a fan of the guys in pads.

What would you rather come back to Philly, the X-Games or non-NFL Football?

When Philly hosted the X Games it was nuts. Bob Burnquist ran possibly the greatest vert run ever, Carey Hart nearly died, then came back and finally landed a backflip they wakeboard in the Schuylkill River, Matt Hoffman landed a no handed 900 in BMX, Mike Metzger hit the first backflip in competition and Pierre Luc Gagnon hit a Heelflip McTwist. It still doesn’t make sense. It is a joke they are in Minneapolis, bring them back to Philly.

What’s the worst loss you’ve ever seen?

Eagles vs Tampa in the NFC conference championship. I’m still not over it.

Who was the first Philly athlete you loved? The first one who you hated?

Scott Rolen was my favorite Phillies player as a kid. When he left I turned on him like a light switch.

Who is your most hated opposing player?

Sidney Crosby. At this point I don’t even know why. It is a red blinding rage.

Who is your dream Philadelphia sports interview?

Ray Didinger. I listen to his show with Glen Macnow religiously and I read his book of collected columns One Last Read. If there is one guy who has seen and covered it all it is Ray Diddy and between sports and movies I’d have thousands of questions for him. If I interviewed him I’d need multiple tape recorders because I’d burn some batteries.

If you have any more questions, want to join the squad or just want to interact I’m always around so reach out!


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