From the cheap seats


As sports begin and the long starved fans decide to watch their favorite teams, does it really matter who we watch. If you have sworn off sports, as many have in the long dark days since March, you may want to walk back your pledge. The players seem very excited and we as fans should too. I, personally, am not a hockey fan but I will watch. Why, because it is there. The Flyers were on the verge of winning their division when the biblical plaques started to befall us. The Sixers were getting into high gear and look better with the new lineup of Shake Milton handling the ball and Big Ben playing underneath with JoJo, who is in the best shape of his career. The NFL is going forward without a preseason which means that the first 5 games are now a toss up. Baseball is the only true season that has been severely affected. 60 game full season in 66 days. That is 102 games short. There is no room for error so hopefully Joe Girardi can start the winning with the first game and keep it rolling. One thing can be almost certain is that the SF Giants will be at best 30-30 unless the pitchers start using the coconut oil too. Look for the big market teams, including the Phillies, to get out of the gate strong and stay hot.


It seems the football team formerly known as the Redskins, Deadskins, whatever, has formally changed their name to The Washington Football Team. Now that is original. Truly a name picked out by some Not Ready for Prime Time players. The issue of the team name has been a hot spot in D.C. for some time now and you would think that the Snyder family would have a new moniker ready to be slapped on the franchise in a day or two. But no, a month later and this is the best they could do. I find it interesting that no new team name could be agreed upon. This event leaves us to question, Is the Phillies front office really that bad??? Please don’t answer that.

Seattle is getting a hockey franchise so let’s release the Kraken!!! Could Wahington get some advice from Seattle? Talk about a great and feared name for your team, the Kraken. Any sailor will have fear in their eyes when their team has to defend itself against the Kraken. Oh and yes, I like saying “The Kraken”.


As we look at seasons without preseason, shortened seasons in mid stream, drastically shortened seasons, baseball, we are left to wonder who, in the end, is the winners and the losers? Some people feel the winners are the sports deprived fans as they are at least getting something. But are they really winners? A baseball season minus 102 games. A football season without preseason. Basketball and Hockey who have shortened seasons that hurt the teams that hit their stride in February. In my opinion, the fans are big losers, they cannot attend games, they lost a majority of all seasons. Also big losers are the farm teams. Those players lost their salaries. I know some pro players have stepped up to guarantee some money but they also lost a valuable year to prove they are worth making the big leagues. The big leaguers lost a portion of huge salaries but that is not nearly a big loss. So most major leaguers are still winners. The owners claim they are losing money, I say Harumph. There is no way a business owner would work to losing money. They are the winners. TV contracts, pay players less equals a win. Maybe not as much as a full season but still more than most players. So if you are a fan who couldn’t wait for sports to be here, the wait is over. If you are a fan who swore off all sports, this is like a New Year Resolution, see you in a few games. And if you never watched sports at all, what is wrong with you. Sports are back, enjoy.

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