Same old, Same old

After watching my beloved Phillies play the rubber game against the Marlins, I lost my appetite for dinner. The game started off well with the Phillies putting up 4 runs in the first for Vince Valesquez who is typically erratic in the first 3 innings. At the end of 3 it was 5-4 good guys and Velasquez should be settling in. He had less than 70 pitches through 3 so the Phils should have a solid pitcher for the next couple innings. Instead Gabe, whoops, I mean Joe pulled the trigger on Velasquez and went to the bullpen.

Cole Irvin replaced Velasquez and proceeded to give the Marlins 4 more runs making it 8-4 and not looking good at all. Reggie McClain and Nick Pivetta brought the Phillies to the ninth but also allowed 3 more runs. Hector Neris came in and didn’t allow a run or baserunner. But everything cannot be blamed on the pitching staff, the offense was not in sync either.

After the Marlins went up 8-4 the Phillies managed to load the bases in 3 consecutive innings but went back onto the field each of those innings with a goose egg. So it isn’t the pitchers only, the offense stayed in bed. On the bright side of the offense were Adam Haseley and Rhys Hoskins. Haseley went 4-6 with 2 runs scored and an RBI. Hoskins went 1-3 but also had 3 walks. The top of the lineup getting on to setup for the sluggers but for the most part were left chatting with the opposition.

This is a short season. No team can afford to leave wins on the table and that is what the Phillies did. The team needs to be together and bring us into a new tradition of winning. And it needs to be soon. We are at game 4 of 60. Every game is important. You have to right the ship now or that ship will put us with 13 other teams watching the playoffs as cardboard cutouts.

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