Best Philly Cheesesteaks

Hey everyone, I’m Kevin Wilson. I’m introducing myself since this is my 1st article and I am the new “food guy” for last out media. I have written a Philadelphia restaurant book “Table For One” which you can find at Barnes And Noble and 2 food podcasts, one of them being “Learn About World Cuisine” on the Last Out Media Network.

I have decided to use this opportunity to stir up some crap by giving my top 5 cheesesteak spots, you can play along and debate, but here are the rules…they must have an address that says Philadelphia, Pa. That means no Mama’s Pizza in Bala Cynwyd, no Donkey’s Place across the bridge in Camden, NJ, and places like it, do not count. So without further ado here are my 5 favorite places that are located in Philadelphia, that have the best cheesesteaks, in my humble opinion

Charlie’s Roast Pork- Love at first broccoli rabe

#5–Charlie’s Roast Pork–1301 S 3rd St…Really good cheesesteaks with a nice roll and obviously a very good roast pork sandwich 

Cleavers steak with onions and peppers? Sure why not!


#4--Cleavers 108 S 18th St…Very good cheesesteak, very high-quality ingredients

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Oh Brother…this really beats the soup


#3–Oh Brother Philly 206 Market St–Excellent cheesesteak, but I especially love their French onion cheesesteak.

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Dattilo’s…it looks good enough to grab right off the screen.

#2–Dattilo’s Deli–8000 Horrocks…Gotta represent the Northeast with an awesome cheesesteak. I also love their homemade meatball sandwich for just 5 bucks

Gooey Looie’s…give us ALL THE MEAT

#1–Gooey Looie’s 231 McClellan St…my personal favorite spot, they give 20 oz of meat on every cheesesteak and it’s under 10 bucks, people also love their hoagies

Where are your favorite places to snag a steak? Any on this list stand out? Let us know and send us your top 5 list! Just remember to keep within the borders of Philadelphia and we’re all set! 

Kevin Wilson is an independent restaurant reviewer and food podcast host. For more of his content check out the “Dining on a Dime” and “Learn About World Cuisine” podcasts and his website for constant updates!

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  1. Either Shanks on Columbus Blvd or D’Alessandros.

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