Sixers Power Rankings- Bubble Edition

Since the NBA restart has been underway in the Orlando bubble, the Philadelphia 76ers have won two out of their three games. They will be halfway through their “regular game season” of 8 games after tonight’s matchup against Markelle Fultz and the Orlando Magic. About halfway through, seems a suitable time to think about power rankings for the Sixers rotation.

The Sixers writing team of Last Out Media (Myself, Rob Manoff, Rob Whitney, and Matt Maratea) have compiled a power ranking of the ten players who have played so far for the restart of the season.




10) Raul Neto: If people are screaming for Burks to be taken off the bench, then they are screaming for Neto to be on the bench. He has a lot more playing time than anyone has anticipated in the past three games and people are definitely having trouble understanding Brett Brown’s logic here.

9) Alec Burks: People are screaming for Burks to acquire more playing time, or at least to be allotted the minutes the Neto is obtaining. He remains so low in the power rankings unfortunately due to that. Although Burks has not had much playing time and with only taking ten shots, his shooting percentage is at a 78%, while his 3-point percentage is 100% (6-6). Having his playing time be increased doesn’t sound like a far-fetched request right now.

8) Matisse Thybulle: As a fan favorite, Thybulle has not had much going on in the restart on the season. Averaging 3 points a game in 16 minutes of time off the bench. He has been known for his defense on the court, which has been okay, but more is expected of Matisse. With Simmonds out, this potentially could be a time for Thybulle to shine again.

7) Furkan Korkmaz: To the surprise of some, the sixth man off the bench in the Orlando bubble has been Korkmaz. He has been averaging 18 minutes of playing time off the bench. Korkmaz has seen better days, with his 3-point shooting being at 30% with not much else going on.

6) Ben Simmons: Simmons. So much hope for Simmons, with his eagerness to take a 3-point shot in the pre-season again, but failing to in regular season games. That is the least of his worries right now, with leaving the game early on Wednesday with a knee injury, which has been called a “subluxation of the left patella (knee cap).” He is day to day right now and there is no timeline on his return. A big blow for Simmons and the Sixers.

5) Josh Richardson: In the first two games Richardson had an average of a solid 17 points and a couple assists, but in the last game he only had 4 points and did not seem to do much else. Over the season, at times Richardson has seemed to hustle and show up while at other times seems to be trying to find his place on the court and so far, it seems like more of that will continue.

4) Shake Milton: Milton is still adjusting to his new spot as the starting point guard for the Sixers. In the first game back, he scored zero points while appearing lost on the court. In the two games since, he has seemed to bounce back, even scoring the near buzzer beater 3 point shot to win the game on Monday against the San Antonio Spurs.

3) Al Horford: Horford may be finding his place from being a starter to coming off the bench. He has been putting up an average of 7 points per game but where he is shining is with setting up some critical assists, rebounding, and playing solid defense.

2) Tobias Harris: For the people who overlook what Embiid does, just because they are so used to it and it is expected, they could make a case for Tobias Harris being number one. In our list he is a firm number two, with his leadership on and off the court and his consistent play on the court. Tobias has seemed to take a step forward and in these three games has been playing his best all-around basketball since being in a Sixer uniform.

1) Joel Embiid: Joel Embiid is easily number one, as he has come back into the restart seeming to be more in shape and focused on his game. He has been on average playing 32 and a half minutes per game, with a game high of 41 points on Wednesday. Embiid has accumulated two double-doubles in two out of three games. Joel is doing what Joel does, and it is carrying the team.

*Kyle O’Quinn, Norvel Pelle, Glenn Robinson III, Mike Scott, and Marial Shayok have not received playing time as of yet. Glenn Robinson III has been sidelined with a hip injury and Mike Scott with knee soreness. It has been reported that Mike Scott will be eligible to play in tonight’s Orlando Magic matchup.

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