Yannick or Jadeveon, the “Long & Short of It”

John Brady

I will give my reasons for why a trade with Jacksonville for Yannick Ngakoue is the right choice for a long term deal, or why signing Jadeveon Clowney could be the right choice for a short term deal for The Birds.

The reports out of Jacksonville are as expected– Yannick Ngakoue still wants out. While that shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone, the price tag may be. Word on the street in Jacksonville is they’re growing tired of this game with Yannick and the price tag may have dropped down from multiple 1st & 2nds to a 2nd round pick, for a trade involving the incredibly talented young pass rusher. If true, this is an absolute no brainer for Howie Rosman to get his “used car” salesman schtick in motion.

This is where the “long” of this story comes into play. Yannick has all of the tools, size, speed, pass rush etc. 37.5 sacks in 4 years at only 25 yrs old makes this the definition of a no brainer long term deal. This will hopefully also light a much needed fire under Derek Barnett who is due a new deal very soon. They could have a career together. That would make us reminisce of Reggie and Jerome (especially because Barnett could shift to tackle later).

The cap isn’t as big of an issue as some would think. The Birds have somewhere around $24 mil in space this year. Then, next year it gets dicey, but cuts and restructuring can come into play as it always does. Going into 2022 The Birds will have plenty of space and a Ngakoue deal will hopefully seem like a steal at that point. Think $18-21 mil with a big bonus for 5 yrs, with 3 of it guaranteed.

The future aspect of it goes like this. You’ll have the franchise QB long term βœ… a RB in Miles βœ… Reagor βœ… Slayβœ… Why not have the front 4 locked up? βœ… No disrespect to Brandon Graham (who is finally playing in the right spot at DE), but his time is not long for the NFL at this point. We thank you, love you and you will never pay for a drink in Philly for the super bowl alone. And for the price tag of a 2nd round pick? The Birds get a proven stud, lock him up with a long deal and Fa Getta bout it!! (insert South Philly guy). That all being said, this is the “long” game.

Now we focus on the “short” of it. This is easy, almost too easy. Jadeveon Clowney is out there, looking, hoping, praying someone wants him to put them over the top or back up a brinks truck long term, and neither seem to be happening.

The pros of Jadeveon (beside insuring he won’t knock Carson or any of our QBs out of a playoff game), are still plenty. He has had 27.5 sacks in his last 4 years, honestly isn’t all that old at 27, with a motor that we hope is still well-oiled to produce.

Here are the reasons to keep this a very short “one night stand” deal with Clowney. He has had a track record of not being a very good teammate in the past. Houston tried multiple times to trade him unsuccessfully without his knowledge (🚩). Seattle doesn’t seem all that interested in bringing him right back–at least not at what he is asking, advantage Eagles. In terms of fit, he gives a shot in the arm to Brandon Graham to make one more push, or show a young Derek Barnett what he could be as the player and pass rusher we hoped he would be. Think 1 or 2 year deal somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-17 mil per year with a healthy signing bonus. And lastly, he gets to play on a short deal like an NFL mercenary, with hopes of quick cash and a ring. Everyone wins.

These are just some of the reasons why a deal for Yannick Ngakoue or Jadeveon Clowney make sense, in the “long & short” of it all.

P. S. Howie needs to get one of these deals done before the likes of the NY Jets sign Ngakoue or Dallas gets their greedy hands on Clowney.

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