Corona and College Football Don’t Mix.

It’s college football season and there are close to 100 games played from Thursday to Sunday, so why would 5 games being postponed make news; COVID. Of those 5 games, Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest and USF vs. Florida Atlantic features 2 teams that played each other last week, Notre Dame and South Florida. Notre Dame has 7 players that tested positive this week as well as some others already in quarantine. USF reported new players testing positive on top of others in quarantine leaving 2 positions with very limited players available.

There is some positive news from the college gridiron. The PAC 12 will start a 7 game season on November 6th. The MAC will start a 6 game season on November 4th. These are all subject to if COVID wants to leave us alone. Hey COVID it was a nice visit but isn’t past time for you to leave and head to another planet. Come back again in about 100 years.

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