The Bird’s Nest Week 4 Preview

It’s Week 4 of the 2020 NFL season and next up for the Philadelphia Eagles is the San Francisco 49ers. Philly is coming off yet another miserable showing this time against the Cincinnati Bengals, where they had to settle for a tie. If the Eagles want any shot at saving their season they have to win on Sunday.

What Needs To Change


I feel like after three weeks I’m just repeating myself. The Eagles still have problems with turnovers, both forcing them and preventing them. As it stands right now the birds are a -7 in the turnover ratio. If they can’t stop the other team from getting extra possessions or gain them they simply aren’t going to be able to win many games. They need to take advantage their opponents mistakes and make them pay other wise don’t bother showing up.

What To Expect

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If the Eagles are serious about winning their should be an emphasis on the run game. They need to feed Miles Sanders to take the pressure of Carson Wentz, who has been playing some of the worst football of his career. At this point, the less he throws the better. If they do that and pressure which ever quarterback takes the field this week for San Fran they should be ok.


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This games looks to be a low scoring defensive struggle. And if it is, the Eagles could squeak out a victory.

Final Score Eagles 21 49ers 17

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