The Eagles Don’t Need the Easy Road

I’m a self-proclaimed glass half empty kind of fan, but at the beginning the of season my hopes were high, the sky was the limit, and a championship was on the horizon. The first half of the Washington Football Team game seemed to be fulfilling those prophecies.

It’s hard to fathom what a wild ride only six weeks of football has been, but leave it to the Philadelphia Eagles to be all over the place.

But since then, we have only seen glimpses of greatness in our Eagles roster. Nothing has come together as planned. With injuries, suspect play-calling and decision making, and even just a lack of talent at times, this is not the team we have hoped for.

The question is, are we getting what we deserve? We are from Philadelphia, we don’t like the easy road, we take the one less traveled; the one with pot holes, traffic, and constant construction.

Although we’d love to have a number one receiver for our quarterback, we thrive on making a number one receiver out of a guy who was not supposed to see an actual NFL game all season (I’m looking at you Greg Ward and Travis Fulgham).

Although we’d love it if the media (looking at you Max Kellerman and Antonio Cromartie), the public, and sometimes our own fanbase would appreciate and more importantly respect Carson Wentz, maybe it’s better that he continues playing in the face of adversity and make colossal comebacks to win important games.

Although people said Brandon Graham was too old, on the decline, and should not be re-signed, he again defies the odds and wins a game with a strip sack.

Although we’d love not to have massive amounts of injuries, maybe it’s what our team needs, to see the heart and grit within each one of them. To see guys who maybe should sit out another game, say they want to play (looking at you Lane Johnson). To see a guy slamming his helmet on the field, not in agony or pain but for pure desire of wanting to continue the game he loves (looking at you Desean Jackson). To see a guy working so hard on a season ending injury to possibly be able to make a comeback at some point this season (looking at you Brandon Brooks). To see a passionate rookie wanting to show his worth so bad but all he can do right now is take notes on who is bad mouthing him on Twitter, to fuel him in his recovery and comeback (looking at you Jalen Reagor).

I said earlier this season, that I wanted a team and a season that did not make me sweat, did not make me angry, or upset, or make me feel a full range of emotions within a single game, but I take that back. That’s who we are and that’s when we thrive. What is football without a fight? I don’t know, but it’s not football. It’s not Philly. Go birds.

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