The Case for Justin Turner

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

On Tuesday night, the LA Dodgers won their first World series in over 30 years. As could be expected, the Dodgers went into mass hysteria and celebration. At the beginning of the celebration one familiar face of the Dodgers was missing, Justin Turner and his Beard. At the end of the seventh inning, the league informed the Dodgers of a positive test conducted earlier that day for Justin Turner. The Dodgers immediately pulled Turner and placed him in isolation in one of the doctor’s offices. His test from Monday was released during the 2nd inning as inconclusive and in accordance with protocols, his test from that day was rushed through and resulted in the positive test.

At the conclusion of the game, Turner broke quarantine, donned a mask and went with his wife to celebrate with his fellow players. This violated the league’s covid protocols but as one Dodgers front office worker claimed, it would take a lot to keep Justin from the celebration. And rightly so. The covid test was taken well before game time. He had come in close contact with all on-field personnel of the Dodgers and many of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. From most of the pictures that I have seen, Turner stayed somewhat distant and masked for most of the celebration, with the ecception of the team photo with the World Series Trophy. Again though, the only people in that pic are the people he had been in contact with for hours before receiving the positive test result.

So the question remains, did Justin Turner put anyone at any additional risk and if so who should be penalized. That is a tricky question, as Turner’s contract expired with the last out of the World Series making him a free agent. Can the Dodgers be penalized or just Turned himself? Can he be penalized if no one contracted Covid? The answer to the first question has precedent in the PED cases as some of those players, while free agents, we’re suspended, fined, or both. This could look grim for Turner, but what if no one got sick? Both teams have received negative results from covid tests performed on Wednesday, with the exception of Turner and his wife, she tested negative, and 1 Devil Rays player whose wife tested positive.

(Photo by Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

What we do know so far; no other Dodgers players or staff have tested positive. Only one family member of the Rays has tested Positive. Turner, like almost anyone put in that position, just wanted to celebrate with his team whom he had shared common space for over 5 hours.

Another reason his celebrating should be ok, his numbers. Batting .320 with 2 dingers im the Series on top of his stellar glove performance. Also he is part of the team as Mookie Betts pointed out.

I went through most of the post game pictures, with the exception of the team photo, I could not find a picture of Turner with his mask off. This should be a case of the punishment fitting the outcome of the crime, which was nothing as far as testing is concerned. Let the man celebrate.

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