The Bird’s Nest Week 9 Bye Week

The Philadelphia Eagles have a bye week in Week 9. So, with that we take a look at the season so far, and what needs to be done to make sure the back half of their 2020 campaign is successful. And eventually the Birds can make a run toward the playoffs.

What Have They Done Right.

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The Eagles have gotten great defensive line play. The most consistent play on the defensive line has come from Brandon Graham. Graham has been on a tear this season. Eight games in and he is 3rd in the league in sacks with 7 and 7th in forced fumbles with 2. Philly can pressure the passer with the best of them and it has been the highlight of what has been a mostly lackluster season.

What Needs Work.

This isn’t rocket science the Eagles quarterback play is atrocious. Carson Wentz has been bad and certain times downright horrific. He is among the league leaders in total turnovers and interceptions. Even in a putrid NFC East it’s almost impossible to make the playoffs if you are constantly giving the ball to the other team. The Eagles need to either fix the turnovers or don’t bother showing for the next 8 weeks of the season because they won’t matter.


Philly has a tough schedule ahead but it is manageable. Of their final eight opponents all but three have winning records. That being said. They still have favorable match ups against teams, that really haven’t proven that they are as legit as their record says they are. In my estimation it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they finish over .500. As I see it 8-7-1 is an attainable record and would all but guarantee and NFC East title.

Mid Season Report Card

  • Quarterback: F
  • Running game: C
  • Wide Receivers: B-
  • O Line: C-
  • Defense: B-
  • Coaching: D

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