Sixers Jersey History: My Top 10 Uniforms


Sixers have unveiled a new “City Edition” Jersey which has garnered some criticism. Many had thought they would bring back the 00-01 black jerseys when they made the finals. They teased the fanbase like Ben Simmons teases he can shoot a jumper.

The new jersey was not what I expected, but over the years the Sixers has had some very unique uniforms, below give you my top 10 in Sixers History.

Here We Go……

10. 1971-76 Delco Style Font

The Sixers wore these from 1971-76 the Delco Art like Sixers writing and the blue side with stars.

9. 1963-65 Betsy Ross Style

(Sports Archive Magazine)

From 1963-65 Sixers wore these Betsy Ross inspired jerseys, they are plain with Red lettering and on the of back the jersey had stars around players number.

8. 1970-71 Seventy Sixers

The Seventy Sixers look from 1970s was brought back last season and the uniform had a great look to it, the cursive writing gives it that unique look.

7. 1966-70 The Classic Look

This a simple style look that has been represented in throwbacks over the years. Wilt Chamberlain always comes to mind when you see this style.

6. 1994-97 Lucy Loeb Design

(Yahoo Sports)

These jersey are famous in the fact that Iverson wore these his rookie season and are a hot item. A design by Lucy Loeb and would not mind seeing these used as a throwback. When I see these I think of the MJ Crossover.

5. 1991-94 The Shooting Stars

(Getty Images)

The Champion inspired style isn’t the biggest hit but it is that funky 90s style jersey that grows on you. I see it and you think of End of Charles Barkley and Moses Malone as Sixers.

4. 1978-91 A Classic Look

This is widely regarded as one of the favorites because the success Philly had from 78-91 and the last NBA Championship came in 1983.

3. 1976-77 The Bicentennial

(Bleacher Report)

The arrival of the Dr. along with the birthday of America infused this design which you see many people wearing this throwback. It may be a simple design but it is one that can stand the test of time.

2. 2017-present The Modern Day Look

These pay homage to the Early Sixers teams with a modern day twist. The jerseys are very clean and I could do with just the blue and white without the extra jerseys they like to throw out every year.

Who is number 1??

  1. 1997-2009 The Iverson Days

photographs.Mandatory Credit: Robert Skeoch /Allsport

A new look for the Sixers with added artwork and gold, black and silver coloring. This is personally my favorite as I grew up watching the sixers play in the mid 90s and loved the style. These are the jerseys I would love to have back in philly sports more than the Eagles Kelly Green.

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