Predicting the Second Half of the Eagles’ Season

The 2020 Eagles season has been like biting into an Oreo, but instead of the pure bliss an Oreo contains, the cookie is made up of mulch and caulk. They’re in first place and it could not feel further from the truth. The Eagles are treading water in the kiddy pool that Carson Wentz has occasionally been peeing in. God bless the NFC (L)East and let’s hope the second half is less stressful than the first one. Spoiler alert, it won’t be.

Image via NFL

Week 10: @ New York Giants– We can go on and on about how bad the Eagles are, but they’re not “lose to the Giants after a bye” bad. They should not have beat them in the previous matchup, but I can’t see them playing equally as bad again. The bye week will pay dividends for the mental and physical well-being of the team. This should be a 14-point win, but its hard to build expectations with this current team. Wentz plays better (he can’t play worse), and the defense lives in the NYG backfield. The Eagles win streak versus the Giants will continue and god bless the bye week. Eagles win: 4-4-1

Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns- Hold on to your ass. This game feels like its going to be a roller coaster. The Browns are loaded with skill players that can torch the Eagles secondary, but as we know there are many shades of Baker Mayfield. This season, the Browns have either scored single digit points or over 30 points. The bad version will show up against the Eagles. The defense will get some turnovers, Jake Elliott hits one late, and the Eagles are officially streaking (!). Eagles win: 5-4-1

Week 12: Seattle- The sky is blue, grass is green, and the Eagles never beat the Seahawks. This will feel much like the other times these two have squared off. The Seahawks will control most of this game. Some typical weird Seattle shit will happen then the Eagles will find themselves in shouting distance. The Eagles will then take the graces of the football gods and squander them. D.K. Metcalf does supernatural things to remind us all the Eagles passed on him and Russell Wilson scrambles into our nightmares. Eagles lose: 5-5-1

Week 13: @ Green Bay- Between the Eagles inconsistency on the offensive line and his reckless handling of pressure, its not farfetched to think Carson Wentz eventually gets hurt. There’s no way Wentz’s worst season happens without Jalen Hurts playing enough to create controversy. I think Wentz misses some time during the four game gauntlet of; SEA, GB, NO, AZ. Regardless, getting a victory in Lambeau is never easy. Aaron Rodgers is still exceptional and has a field day with the secondary, while the Eagles fail to find rythym due to an incessant Green Bay pass rush. From start to finish, the Eagles look a half step behind and leave us with more questions than answers. Eagles lose 5-6-1

Week 14: New Orleans- This is a gut-check matchup heading into the final stretch. There is a zero-percent chance Malcolm Jenkins doesn’t play his ass off. The Saints playing outdoors in the cold sets the tone for the contest. It’ll be a low-scoring affair, with the better team finding ways to come out on top. The Saints pull away late due to their array of playmakers, and win by a possession. As customary per a Saints regular season win, they talk a comical amount of shit which will come back to bite them in hilarious postseason fashion. The calls for organizational change in Philadelphia become louder and the future begins to get murky. The real question is who becomes the late-season practice squad hero ? My money is on Elijah Holyfield or Grayland Arnold. Eagles lose: 5-7-1

Week 15: @ Arizona- The criticism of the coaching staff and the front office is warranted. Whether the Eagles have underperformed or been poorly constructed, the organization has made major lapses. Doug Pederson has shown his shortcomings this season, but he gets the Eagles in winning form when it matters most. It’s a benefit of the doubt we should give him, until proven otherwise. This is the time of year when Big Balls Doug finds his groove. Arizona is loaded with talent top-to-bottom. Kyler Murray is the second coming of Russell Wilson, and the defense is sideline-to-sideline fast. This feels like a quintessential “how the hell did they win that?” game. High scoring, high energy, and high hopes heading into the final stretch. Birds win a shootout and break their losing streak. Eagles win: 6-7-1

Week 16: @ Dallas- One team deals with injuries by finding the next man up. The other folds like a house of cards. The Eagles rollover a Dallas team looking down the barrel of a forgettable season and a top 10 pick. Nothing in life makes me happier than Jerry Jones’ anger. Eagles win: 7-7-1

Week 17: Washington Football Team- The Football Team is short on offensive talent, but they’re well coached. Their front seven is relentless and they may be a quarterback away from being interesting. The Eagles may already have the division wrapped up by now (lol), but either way this is a Washington team with nothing to lose and looking for something to build on. I’d expect this one to be back and forth with the Eagles pulling it off in an ugly one. Eagles win: 8-7-1

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As confounding as the Eagles are, I have a stupid amount of confidence they can win a playoff game. Everyone loves analysis and tries to logically formulate outcomes, but sometimes its best to think with the heart not the head. I don’t care who comes into the Linc for the wildcard game, they’re not beating the Eagles. Carson Wentz’s worrisome regression somehow transforming into a postseason win would be the most on-brand outcome for the 2020 Eagles.

Looking back we’ll realize that the Eagles would have been best off this year sputtering towards irrelevancy and making legitimate, long-term alterations to the franchise. A postseason birth prevents that, and we’ll rehash the exact same issues next year. Who’s excited to hear WIP callers rant about Jim Schwartz! …

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