2300 Arena In Danger, Starts GoFundMe

One of Philadelphia’s classic wrestling venues and the current home of boxing in the city has been suffering since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since the shutdown, the 2300 Arena, formerly ECW Arena during its heyday, has only been open for 4 weeks since last March. With the city of Philadelphia facing another shutdown, trouble is looming for live events and their venues. Even the 2300 Arena is not immune. 

Normally they can seat 1200 roaring fans. With the restrictions, they were only able to seat 300 at their most recent events. With their outdoor space closing due to the winter and Philadelphia closing doors the fans have a chance to make a difference and make sure the doors of 2300 can open again. 

So they’ve started a GoFundMe page to help collect them. From the page “It is with a heavy heart that the 2300 Arena is asking for help from our friends, family, and supporters, with our hat in hand when it counts the most. We need your support to stay afloat this winter and continue our 13-year legacy.

This has obviously been our most difficult year – Covid-19 has hit us extraordinarily hard due to the nature of our business.” 

“We have looked over the past four weeks of operations at “reduced capacity” with a bare minimum of expectations in order to survive. We anticipate this winter to be our last hurdle to get over between the long dark winter months eliminating our outside capacity and the current six-week shut down before we can once again open our doors next season and thrive. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and have no doubt that we can rebound from all of this.

Our hard work and diligence won’t be enough – we need your support so we can be on the other side of this stronger than ever.” 

We won’t ask you to donate but we would ask that you consider sharing the page our this article with those who might to celebrate the past and future of Philadelphia sports. 

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