Philadelphia Sports Figures As Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to eating. With no Philly teams in action on the holiday, we took a second to figure out what players would translate to what dishes on the table based on play and personality. No, we haven’t gotten into the beers and cocktails yet, just having a bit of fun. 

Joel loves to have fun, marshmallow and is the foundation for the team, sweet potato. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Joel Embiid- Sweet Potatoes With Marshmallows  

Embiid loves to have fun. He’s exuberant on the court. Windmill dunks into flying around the court like a plane. Raising the cat. It’s sweet and kid-friendly. Like marshmallows. Kids scoop these off the top and get a bit of potato on the bottom and think hmm, I could get used to veggies like these. 

For the adults, it’s a versatile dish that is a crowd-pleaser for everyone. When Embiid is playing his best he’s a dominant force, mixing the classic post pounding style with athleticism and touch 3 point shooting. 

There really is nobody like Joel, and there usually aren’t leftovers with this dish. 

Sweet swinging and pairs well with ice cream. Baseball and apple pie. America.

Alec Bohm – Apple Pie

Baseball is America’s pastime. Alec Bohm is a real deal honest to god third baseman.  It is a cornerstone of any successful baseball team. The cornerstone of a successful meal is in finishing strong with a dessert. Apple pie is one of those strong finishers. Great with ice cream, sweet and tart. That crust with that snap when you bite into it, kind of like the crack of a bat on a Bohm line drive. 

The big fella in the middle. Stuffing the A gap…and turkey?

Fletcher Cox- Stuffing 

If you’re from the south you call this dressing, but either way, it can compare literally and figuratively to the Eagles defensive tackle. Cox at his worst still draws a double team and means running right up the gut is tough for an opposing team. This translates to a good stuffing that is able to complement the meal. 

When he’s at his best, Cox is a beast. He shreds defenders, blows up the run game, and slams quarterbacks into the unforgiving ground of a football field. This is the same when you have a great stuffing. The sage stands out and makes every bite of turkey naked without it. The breadcrumbs pop with flavor, and you start trying to hide some for your leftover sandwiches tomorrow. 

Giroux, under-appreciated, often forgotten but essential. Thus, rolls.

Claude Giroux- Dinner Rolls

Claude Giroux is in some ways the ginger stepchild of Philadelphia superstars. He’s been the most consistent figure in the city for over a decade, yet doesn’t have the visibility or the love of an Embiid or Bryce Harper. Just as the Flyers don’t get the same publicity as the other three major teams. This brings us to dinner rolls. 

You may not even notice them on the table. They could actually be the best part of the meal though. Slightly warm, with a nice coating of butter, the roll is an unmistakably delicious bite on any plate. It can also be used to combine into a mini sandwich, a nod to Giroux’s propensity for assists. Plus a day or two after Thanksgiving is when those mini leftover sandwiches hit even better. 

Oh Dougie P

Doug Pederson- White Meat Turkey

The most boring part of Thanksgiving is the main dish. Turkey breast is fine, but it needs help. It needs stuffing, and gravy (Frank Reich) to be a star. Or maybe the turkey was great to start, moist and juicy, but as the meal wears on into the 2nd and 3rd plates, you find yourself saying why with every bite. 

It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s Morey

Daryl Morey- Deep Fried Dark Meat Turkey 

The BEST part of the turkey is the dark meat. Especially turkey thighs. When you grow up and start getting to choose your own slices of turkey rather than getting whatever makes it to the kid’s table you’ll find dark meat and realize what you’ve been missing. Then your parents give you the news. This year, we’re deep-frying it. Total game changer. 

We’ve been missing a Daryl Morey type figure in Philadelphia for a long time. He’s brought back the excitement and the buzz back. What was old seems new. Now what was looming and seemed to dread is what you’re looking forward to. Sixers basketball, and deep-fried dark meat turkey. 

Have your own comparisons? Who do you think is cranberry sauce? Let us know! And from all of us here at Last Out Media, have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


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