It’s Time To Revoke Doug Pederson’s Super Bowl Pass

In a city where the football fans had been starving for a world championship. It’s only normal that the head coach, that finally delivered it would get a fair amount of leeway following the monumental achievement. Doug Pederson is no different. In 2017 he did the unthinkable and brought the Philadelphia Eagles a Super Bowl. But for the last three seasons his team has hovered between irrelevance and mediocrity. And it’s time for accountability and change. Here’s just a few reasons why.

Pederson Has Been Pedestrian Outside Of 2017.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you look at the numbers it’s clear that Pederson’s 41-32-1 career record is bolstered by the 13-3 2017 campaign. Outside of the Super Bowl season the former back up is just 28-29-1 as a head coach. In fact in the years following the title run the team has steadily gotten worse. They’ve gone from winning a playoff game to losing in the first round and now will undoubtedly have a losing record. At this point the powers that be should realize maybe he wasn’t that good in the first place and reign him in a little.

His Players Have Regressed Terribly.

Several key players for the Philadelphia Eagles have regressed under Pederson’s watch as head coach. A running game that once lead the league in rushing yards is now ranked in the bottom third. And worst of all quarterback Carson Wentz has become a shell of himself. The former MVP candidate is now a laughing stock who leads the NFL in turnovers. Now to be honest a lot of it falls on Wentz’ shoulders, but Pederson has done nothing to help him. In fact his terrible play calling has actually made things worse. If this coach continues to hurt his players and consistently fails to put them in position to win something has to be done.

His Arrogance Won’t Allow Him To Change.


They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. That definition epitomizes the Eagles head coach. His stubborn insistence to do things his way, despite evidence to the contrary has gotten to the point he has to be saved from himself. Pederson’s refusal to stick with what works, and coach to his players strengths will only lead to a repeated cycle of disappointment and anguish for franchise and fan base. The time has come to stop giving him a pass and to start questioning wether he’s the right guy going forward. Do it now before it’s too late.

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