What the streets (Twitter) are saying about the 76ers

The NBA is set to begin Covid-19 testing this weekend, in preparation for the training camp to start December 1. The 76ers will have camp, two preseason games, December 15th, and December 18th, and then the NBA regular season starts December 22. Barring any small moves, it looks like the roster is set, with a few guys who have a chance to make the back end rotation. They have shooters and guards, Joel Embiid just released a promo where he looks in shape and locked in, and a brand new coach and staff to lead our 76ers to what we hope is an NBA championship one day. They even got a quality back up center for less than 109 million dollars.

With everything pretty much set, and as we enjoy the post-draft and free agency calmness, before the storm that is most likely going to be a wild NBA season, I wanted to do something fun and get some predictions. So, I took to the streets, and by that, I mean Twitter, with a couple of questions, and got your analysis and prediction.

What three things would you like to see the Sixers improve on this year? Could be an individual skill or for the team as a whole. (I decided to ignore Ben Simmons shooting in order to get some other answers. I think Ben’s shooting is probably number 1 on everyone’s list.)

For me, I want to see them increase the pace at which they play, I want to see Ben Simmons be more aggressive getting to the rim on a more consistent basis, and I would love for Joel Embiid to be in the DPOY conversation by the end of the season. Here is what you guys had to say:

My man Alex needs ben getting to the line at least 8 times a game, Tobias to pick up his level of three point shooting (Doc to the rescue!) and a young guy to take the next step and fill in valuable minutes. I’m willing to guess that number three is going to have to happen.

My dude Rongs just want a little less from Joel, but more efficient. Less is more, smart man.

Terry Meyers legend Chris needs a more consistent Tobias, Ben and Joel finally figuring it out because of Doc, and wining at home with no fans, and no one boo’ing!

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