Bird’s Nest Week 13 Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles enter Week 13 in a world of trouble. They are moving the wrong way in the division standings, with no conceivable end to their slump in sight. Their next opponent is the Green Bay Packers a team that is talented in all the positions that could give Philly nightmares on game day.

What Needs To Be Fixed?

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The easy answer is everything. The quarterback needs to play better for starters. Carson Wentz has been horrid this season leading the league with 15 interceptions. The secondary outside of one player, has been atrocious for the most part. Opposing receivers seem to have career days against this unit every week. A completely new game plan is needed to turn around this sinking ship.

What To Expect?

You can expect Green Bay to throw the ball early and often, while offsetting their passing game with pounding runs from star running back Aaron Jones. The Eagles better get the Packers off balance early or it’s going to be a long day ending with another disappointing loss. Plenty of pressure from the front four should be the plan for Philly if they want any chance of stealing a win against a far superior opponent.


The Eagles defense is completely overmatched. If they don’t get to Aaron Rodgers early they will be down big and this game will be over early. Look for the big play to be Philly’s undoing and lead to yet another terrible defeat.

Final Score Packers: 30 Eagles 14

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