The 12 Jersey GOATS of Christmas: On The Second Day of Christmas…

The 12 Days of Christmas is one of the most recognizable carols in the Christmas lexicon, so we’re pairing it with the most recognizable jerseys. 

Rob Manoff, Rob Whitney, and myself aka the voices behind the Write The Radio podcast are embarking on the 12 Jersey GOATS of Christmas. From the partridge in the pear tree to twelve drummers drumming we’re going 1 through 12 to find the best player who ever wore the number. 

How it’s going down is simple. We’ve narrowed down a rep from each of the 4 major sports and throw a poll up on Twitter. Then the real experts weigh in and select the final winner. We’ll put up a post announcing the winner. Later in the countdown, we’ll announce our contest winners as well. 

Oh, that’s right, we’re doing a giveaway as well. That part is simple too. All it takes is 3 simple steps. 1. Vote in the polls.  2. Retweet the poll. 3. Follow the Last Out Media Twitter account. 

Two Turtle Doves – #2 Moses Malone

On the second day of Jersey Number Christmas, Sixers’ legend Moses Malone edged out Derek Jeter for the most iconic number 2 in sports history.

Malone was the 1983 NBA Finals MVP for the Philadelphia 76ers, he also won league MVP that year along with two other times, 1979 and 1983. Moses was a 12-time all-star, four-time first-team all-NBA, and four-time second-team all-NBA. In his 21 year career, he amassed 29,580 points, 17,834 rebounds, and 1,889 blocks.

His number 2 is retired by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Be sure to follow along to see the next 10 selections for our 12 Jersey Goats of Christmas! 

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