Until Next Time Barrage: PLL Absorbs MLL

The Premier Lacrosse League is merging with the Major Lacrosse League, all under the PLL banner. 

It was announced that the leagues would merge and that the MLL’s Boston Cannons would become the Cannon’s Lacrosse Club. It was also announced that the PLL would retain the rights to all MLL franchises with regards to future league expansion. 

So this means the Philadelphia Barrage, the professional outdoor lacrosse team which had only recently returned to the city is once again gone. They were unable to play in the city last year due to COVID-19 pushing the MLL to a bubble situation down in Maryland. 

The PLL did say they had plans to hold games in former MLL cities so it’s possible Philly could see some outdoor lacrosse this season, but it will be some time again before Philly has a team to call their own. 

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