A Follow – Up. Where will J.T. Go.

Following up on the J.T. Realmuto spinning wheel as landimg spots seem to be fading. As recent as 2 weeks ago, our own Francisco Rojas listed no less than 4 teams who have a need for the talent of J.T. The Mets were near the top of the list but they recently signed a catcher, James McCann, to a 4 year $40.6 million dollar contract. The White Sox and the Nationals were next and both seem to be trying to stretch every dollar and that doesn’t happen when one player has already turned down a $18.9 million dollar qualifying offer.

A few days ago the Nats did start fishing but myself and many other writers have suggested that you won’t get J.T. for less tgan $25 million a year. Most teams with some payroll dollars left could afford 4 years maybe 5 but more than that may be pushing the envelope. Realmuto is 30 yrs old. That is advanced for a catcher with the wear and tear on their bodies. Add on to that the fact that owners are crying poor after not having fans in the stands for a shortened season, you would think J.T. is asking for the keys to Fort Knox. It is my humble opinion that if J.T. wants to get the most for his value, He and the Phillies should look at a 5 year contract for $25 million a year, plus incentive add one and a 6th year player option for $30 million. This is not the years or the money he wanted but it gets him close on the money with the incentive and player option. The Phillies have a new gunslinger in as POBO and should be able to get a deal done. As Phillies fans, let’s hope so. Watching J.T. and Bryce knock pitchers out of games would be fun for the next 6 years.

Let’s get er done Phils.

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