SJU vs Villanova is ON!!

After over a month of delays due to Covid 19, the game of the year in Philadelphia College Basketball will be played tomorrow night at 9pm and televised on FS1. Throw the records out, this game comes down to heart. A game between 2 schools only approximately 4 miles apart will determine who gets the bragging rites, Villanova or St. Joe’s. Villanova is 7-1 and SJU 0-3 but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is who leaves the most blood, sweat, and skin on the hardwood. So tomorrow get your jersey on, make sure your fridge is stocked with your favorite drink, tell all your loved ones who don’t like yelling at the TV to get earmuffs or leave the house. It all gets real and serious at 9pm tomorrow night. As a good Catholic priest told me one night; May the best team, St. Joe’s, win. Enjoy, have fun, and remember #THWND

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