Did Howie just get “Howied”?

Howie must be thinking, “did Jeffrey Lurie just use my own move on me?”

What does the hiring of John Dorsey mean for Howie?

It could mean the beginning of the end for Howie Roseman or it could mean absolutely nothing? Like the drafting of Jalen Hurts in the second round, I doubt it’s “nothing”. For starters, Jeffrey Lurie clearly isn’t happy with the state of his “gold standard” franchise. This is especially clear when a guy who he trusts with the ” bag” could have thrown $125+ million away on Carson Wentz. To then act like Jalen Hurts was the plan, thats bad business Howie.

Lurie:I just “drafted” a guy who can replace you, now you know how Carson feels Howie, go get’em

How the tide has turned

This week in the local media, all anyone could talk about was will Doug or Carson be gone at the end of the year? Especially when reports surfaced about Howie being “untouchable”, you know what Billionaire franchise owners hate the most? When people tell them how they feel or what they will or won’t do. This is a move to put Howie on notice and in check. As most have said, Howie seems to be a “lil too big for his britches” down at the Nova Care complex and this move is refreshing. Not that you want to see anyone lose their job, but lets just say a lot of the fan base won’t be crying Howie a river if he gets the axe.

John Dorsey is a respected mind in the NFL, who has ties to Jeffrey Lurie’s favorite son in Andy Reid

What we know about Dorsey?

A Maryland born, ex UConn football player who was with the Green Bay Packers as a player. He then stayed with the Pack as a scout then player personnel guy, and while he was there the Pack won their 2 most recent Super Bowls. From there he was off to KC with a guy familiar to the fan base in Andy Reid who he knew from their time together in Green Bay. Most recently he has helped the Cleveland Browns become relevant again as their GM and now he is here. While Dorsey can spot a gem of talent like an Eagle (pun intended) seeing a salmon 1000 yards away, he isn’t without baggage. He can find talent, albeit sometimes that talent has its own baggage think OBJ, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill etc… We signed Micheal Vick which was a huge risk and polarized the fan base hence the risk vs reward with Dorsey and his style.

And, what do I do with Howie?

The “Big Red” connection

Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid are family. They aren’t just owner and coach, they’ve been thru wars together. Wars on the field and more importantly off the field. Andy and Jeffrey were together for Jeffrey’s divorce as well as the struggles Andy and Tammy Reid had with his sons and of course Garrett’s passing. So, i can’t help but think Jeffrey needed an opinion from someone he trusted who also wasn’t collecting a check from him.. Enter Big Red. Andy one could assume was Doug’s best reference for the HC job as well as always having his “lil brother’s” back and it seems like the move of hiring John Dorsey has Andy’s “ham sandwich” fingerprints all over it. I for one applaud the move and will help Howie move, no I wont he can hire someone.

Im not sure if Howie plays an instrument but he seems a lot like Nero.


What is next for Howie? Who knows, he could be put in his closet office like the days of Chip Kelly, he could hang on or he could be gone!! The signs now seem to point to Jeffrey doing to Howie what Howie seemingly did to Carson and we see where that is going. Howie plays the perfect Nero in the sense of Nero was a decadent ruler who cared more about things then what was good for Rome. If it worked for Nero its what worked for Rome. And Howie recently has seemed like a guy burning thru Jeffrey’s money while the team is sinking but didnt mind as long as it was good for Howie. Howie aka “Lil Nero” is just playing his fiddle while Rome (the Eagles) seem to burn around him. Lets see if Jeffrey Lurie puts out the fire or puts Howie out.

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