12 Days of Jersey GOATS: On the Ninth Day Of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is one of the most recognizable carols in the Christmas lexicon, so we’re pairing it with the most recognizable jerseys. 

Rob Manoff, Rob Whitney, and myself aka the voices behind the Write The Radio podcast are embarking on the 12 Jersey GOATS of Christmas. From the partridge in the pear tree to twelve drummers drumming we’re going 1 through 12 to find the best player who ever wore the number. 

How it’s going down is simple. We’ve narrowed down a rep from each of the 4 major sports and throw a poll up on Twitter. Then the real experts weigh in and select the final winner. We’ll put up a post announcing the winner. Later in the countdown, we’ll announce our contest winners as well. 

Oh, that’s right, we’re doing a giveaway as well. That part is simple too. All it takes is 3 simple steps. 1. Vote in the polls. 2. Retweet the poll. 3. Follow the Last Out Media Twitter account. 

Old man this you young whippersnapper.

Nine Ladies Dancing for Mr. Hockey

It came down to a dead heat with Ted Williams but ultimately Gordie Howe would be our selection for #9. “Mr. Hockey” played from 1946 to 1980, and was good in every single season. 

Howe set numerous records, and would likely still hold every NHL mark had he not played his final seasons in the WHA alongside his sons. Howe all of this.

  • Most NHL regular-season games played: 1,767
  • Most NHL regular-season games played with a single team: 1,687
  • Most NHL and WHA regular-season games played: 2,186
  • Most NHL and WHA regular season and playoff games played: 2,421
  • Most NHL and WHA Goals regular season 975
  • Most NHL seasons played: 26 (tied with Chris Chelios)
  • Most NHL and WHA seasons played: 32
  • Most NHL regular-season goals by a right-winger: 801
  • Most NHL regular-season points by a father/son combo (with son Mark): 2,592
  • Most consecutive NHL 20-goal seasons: 22 (1949–1971)
  • The first player to score over 1000 goals (WHA and NHL, regular season and playoff combined)
  • The first player to reach 1,500 games played in NHL history.
  • Most times leading NHL playoffs in scoring (six times)
  • Oldest player to play in NHL: 52 years, 11 days (no other player has played past the age of 48)
  • First in Red Wings history in points, goals, and games played, second in assists
  • Most NHL All-Star Game appearances: 23

The innovator of combining skill and fierce physical play, getting a goal, an assist, and a fight in one game has been dubbed a “Gordie Howe Hat Trick”. Howe himself only had two but was the model. He won six MVP awards, four Stanely Cups, lead the league in goals and points on various occasions, and changed the way scouts evaluate players. 

A complete player with the longest hockey resume every, Wayne Gretzky himself has called Howe the greatest player to have ever laced them up, and that should be enough for everyone. 



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