Have a Holly Lewy Christmas!!

In a day and a half most people will still gather with family and loved ones, maybe on a smaller scale, but still will. While thoughts of pandemics dance in most people’s heads, we, Lewies, get the added joy of trying to get up the nerve to just socialize for a couple hours. With that being said, let’s look at a few tips to help us get through the few grueling hours.

The first thing I would suggest is bring an electronic device that you use for reading, playing games, or both. This gives us a safe place to fall back onto when we get nervous or withdrawn. Alot of times, not holidays, I will show up to an event and after a period of time, pull my phone out to bring me comfort and hope others get the hint and leave me alone.

The second tip is a little more drastic. I have comfort clothes that I wear when going to gatherings and also, a comfort stuffed animal that really helps. It may look a little silly but if it gets me through without any of the Bad Lewy coming out then it is a win for all involved. And I really don’t care who sees my McGruff dog. For the most part, we should be gathering with friends and family so everyone knows about Lewy and should know it helps with my Lewy and just embrace the coping device.

The 3rd and last tip is usually everyone’s first try, showtiming. It still is my first choice but there are times when it does not work, large crowds, noisy location, bright lights, etc. Really anything that can trigger the nerves in my brain to go bat-crap crazy. Showtiming is relied upon for times when we are in places not familiar to me and where we cannot be sure of the venue ahead if time. I will still have my phone in my pocket but probably not my McGruff. If you haven’t heard of Showtiming, it is where we bring out a different “face” to act our day out. When I think of this, I always think of Billy Joel’s song. ‘The Stranger’. It is a good song to listen to when trying to figure out Lewy.

Always remember that we are all different. If you have met one person with Lewy, you have met one person with Lewy. Find what works best for you. What I do may not work and vice versa.

So from All of Us at Last Out Media and from my family to yours, We wish you Happiness and Health, Joy and Laughter and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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    1. I always talked at parties. Now sit off to the side with my wife.

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