Top 5 Reasons For The Eagles Horrible 2020 Season

Let’s not mince words. The Philadelphia Eagles stunk this season. For a myriad of reasons the 2019 NFC East champions were a disaster in 2020. From week to week it wasn’t a question of can they win, but how would they blow it this time? There is a laundry list of factors that led us to this abysmal ending to our football season in the city of brotherly love. I present to you the most egregious.

5. Jim Schwartz Defense

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Philadelphia’s defense was terrible. The ranked 20th against the pass and 24th against the run respectively. To make matters worse they lacked the ability to take the ball away in any capacity. Their 6 interception on the season are the second worst in the entire NFL. Wether it’s a lack of talent in key spots or the inability to put players in the right place to be successful the Eagles defense was horrible and made winning nearly impossible each and every week. And the man in charge, Jim Schwartz shares a lot of the blame.

4. Covid 19 And No Home Field

While every team had to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Some more than others were severely affected by not having a true home field advantage. When you lack talent all over your roster it helps to have the energy of the home crowd to push you over the top for a victory here and there. Philadelphia between 2017 and 2019 was an impressive 17-7 at Lincoln Financial Field. However in 2020 without the benefit of a true home crowd the usually over achieving Birds were only 3-4-1 at home. Had they at least broken even at home than this Sunday’s game would mean something.

3. Carson Wentz

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There is no need to sugar coat it Carson Wentz was historically bad in 2020. Wentz led the league in interceptions, and cost his team a chance at victory multiple times this past season. One could argue, if Wentz was just average this year, instead of down right atrocious the Eagles easily win a pathetic NFC East division. But he couldn’t even manage that. Each performance set a new low. And now his future as well that of the franchise is in serious question.

2. Doug Pederson

Throughout the Eagles 2020 campaign Head Coach Doug Pederson has teetered between negligent and incompetent. Not only as he doubled down on some the most horrific play calling Eagles fans have ever seen, he has done nothing but undermine the growth of his own starting quarterback. For as much as there has been said about Wentz and his struggles, it has to be mentioned that Pederson has done nothing to help him. The disconnect between coach and quarterback was at the crux of the Eagles issues this year.

1. Howie Roseman

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There is nothing a defensive coordinator, head coach, quarterback or home crowd can do about a team that is poorly constructed. The Philadelphia Eagles roster is mess and the blame goes to one man, General Manager and Executive Vice President of football operations Howie Roseman.

Roseman, a supposed cap genius has given out a litany of horrible contracts and comprised a roster of mostly over paid has beens and underpaid never gonna be’s. His willingness to keep players too long is only matched in stupidity by his inability to draft players who can actually contribute. If you’re looking for someone to blame for this dumpster fire of a season look no further than the guy charged with putting it all together.

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