Have a Lewy New Year

For a large majority of society, tonight will be filled with merriment, noisemakers, fireworks, and so forth. For those of us with Lewy, this is just another day. We laugh, usually at something no one else can see or hear. We set off noisemakers, usually after we get a child to pull our finger. And we see fireworks quite often on a daily basis.

We are on a never ending roller coaster that brings us great highs along with devastating lows. It brings us twists and turns that you will never see on a real coaster because of safety issues. We reach for the stars but are happy with the remote. We dream of things we did in our past only to wake up to our reality. We have strings of good days only to be followed by longer strings of bad days. Some days we can’t remember our own name while other days we can recite all we learned in geography. This seems like it is impossible if you are not a caregiver or a Lewy. Just find one of us and ask what it is like. We will tell you and most of us don’t sugarcoat it.

Most people are wishing the end of 2020 and Lewies are too but for some instances we were on the same page. Feeling trapped inside, scared to go out and see the public, becoming apathetic, getting out of bed at noon, ordering everything delivered, and so on. We want a quick end to the pandemic too. Too many people dying.

So from this Lewy and his caregiving family, Have a Very Lewy New Year and a swift end to Covid and the further divide it has wrought in our Great Country.

May your Days be Filled with Thanksgiving. And your nights filled with Joy, May His Love Always Find You, and Fill you with His Blessing.

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  1. Thanks Brian for expressing so well how many of us feel. Proud of you for who you are and what you do. May 2021 be a good year for you and your family.

    1. Thanks Don. My only hope is that my little snippets help at least one person along for the ride. God Bless and keep you safe for 2021 and beyond.

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