NBA’s Potential Expansion

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses around the globe with financial losses, and the NBA is no exception. Losing profits in the billions, the NBA looks to find solutions to help curb those losses. One of the options that they might turn to is expansion of the league to two new cities.

As the NBA looks to potentially expand their league with two new teams, two cities keep popping up in discussions for this expansion, Seattle and Las Vegas. Reports from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst claim that the price for a team could be a whopping $2.5 billion with potential buyers in both Seattle and Las Vegas. Both of these cities would seem to be the least riskiest to add a team to as they would both most likely bring in the most revenue.

Many buyers in Seattle look to bring a team back to the city.

If this price is actually what the NBA is looking for, it will be the largest price for any expansion team in North American professional sports history. While the price is most likely inflated, this money would be able to give each existing 30 teams around $167 million to help hinder the financial problems caused from COVID-19.

Former Seattle Supersonics head coach, George Karl has even hyped up the idea of a return to the city in the NBA.

Tweet from former Seattle Supersonics coach George Karl.

The last expansion team in the NBA was the Charlotte Hornets, formerly the Charlotte Bobcats, who joined the league in 2004. Many people are eagerly waiting to see if this is the turn that the NBA takes and Seattle fans are surely the most excited about the fact that they could potentially get their NBA team back, even if they are under a different name.

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