JT Signs. Now the Pressure is on Girardi

This afternoon, the Phillies announced that they signed JT Realmuto to a 5 year, $115.5 Million dollar deal. DiDi should be soon to follow. That puts a big load of pressure on 2nd year manager, Joe Girardi. Girardi’s first year was Covid restricted and shortened to 60 games. The Phightins just missed the playoffs with a 28-32 record and still had a chance in the final week of play.

This is a new year tho. Management is doing their part and signing bullpen help, filling holes in the roster and giving their best player the contract he deserves. So where does that leave the team? The longer season should help along with hopefully a regular preseason, the Cactus League is pushing back their opening until February 3rd, due to Covid outbreaks.

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

But the real pressure lies at the feet of Manager Joe Girardi. Accredited as one of the best Managers in the league, and deservedly so based on past records. But sports is a what have you done for me lately game and Girardi is getting the pieces now he needs to put them together and make a winner out of this bunch now. The Phillies management have put up the money to sign some good relievers and Trevor Bauer would be a great late present for our rotation. But let’s get DiDi in the fold and get the rust off and come out of the gate flying.

Manager Girardi, we love you and we know you can put out not just winners but champions. We implore you to do that this year, at least make the playoffs, or you will find out that the phans hear can turn on you in a New York second. All we want is a winner. The ball is in your court now. So let’s get out there and let’s get er done.

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