Travels with Lewy: I Haven’t Lost Yet.

As we Lewies try to live our lives, altered as they are from our previous living style, we still have things to offer, some have more than others but most of us can do something for a long time after diagnosis, unless WE give up. We may not be able to do what we used to do and most likely not at the pace we did before, but we are used to doing something. Nobody liked vegging on the couch after work more than I did but now my work, my passion is done from “my seat” as the kids call it. You, hopefully, are reading my new passion, writing. When I was younger, well before I ever knew of Lewy’s existence, I was told by a college professor that I have a story inside me. At that time, I thought he was referring to a book, mainly because it was the 1980s and books were the only way to communicate your story to the world. There was no ” online”.

Anyone who knows me, probably knows I have had 4 passions in my life outside of my family, college basketball, pro baseball, cooking, and reading/writing and in that order. The first two I love to watch and cooking, well my wife loves that passion in me, and reading and writing is my relaxation. Doing what I am doing now, relaying my experiences to you is helping me as much as it is some of you. I have been complimented many times about my posts in the areas I write. ( I am Last Out Media’s monster with many heads) I write about Lewy, music, Baseball mostly but any sport, and I will delve into some recipes before too long.

The biggest thing that I can think to say about Lewy’s getting involved in a new hobby or craft, is first find something you like and that you are still capable of doing. Do Not worry about being great or even good. It is something you like to do, so do it. If it is helpful to others then that is a plus, if not and it helps you, that is all that matters. Doing these little things keeps our minds engaged with something other than the boob tube as my mother would call it. Find something you did, adjust it to where you are now ability wise, and start practicing again. I have seen beautiful paintings by people with Lewy. Search the web for things to do that you want to do and try them again. Do not get discouraged, you won’t get fired if you make a mistake. Do your best and you just may be surprised at how good you still are. I WAS.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Brian. That was both helpful and informative.

    1. Thanks Brad. As long as it helps 1 person, I did my part.

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