Delaware Blue Coats Media Availability 2/1/21

Starting off was Blue Coats general manager, Matt Lilly. Matt talked a lot about how he and the rest of the front office have looked at Doc Rivers and the 76ers to mirror their philosophies. He said that they want to be versatile for the bubble.

Some other key points that Matt discussed with the media:

  • The short time preparing for the bubble gave challenges of putting together the roster and having everyone prepared.
  • In the G-League draft, it was a good pool of players that all general managers were excited about.
  • He is fortunate that they were able to land reigning G-League MVP, Frank Mason III.
  • Scouting college players was difficult and many front office members all around the league are excited to see what the newly formed G-League Ignite team can bring, as they have some NBA prospects playing for the team.

Next, was head coach Connor Johnson. The main point that Coach Johnson discussed was the team’s ability to get their players prepared for the bubble as they didn’t get a lot of time to practice and have training camps.

Other points discussed from Coach Johnson:

  • He wants to get players playing with a fast, but controlled pace and mirror what the 76ers are doing on their team.
  • Says everyone needs to be involved on defense and that they want their bigger guys to be able to defend another big guy and then switch onto a guard when needed.
  • Development staff is continuing their plans that they have used to develop players into key players on NBA teams and they want to do this with players such as Paul Reed.
  • Also, G-League coaches have met to discuss the bubble and how to keep players safe and have everything feel normal.

Third to the table was newly acquired player, Justin Robinson. Justin also talked about how he has watched the 76ers games and wants to use parts of their game plan in the Blue Coats games.

Justin also discussed the following:

  • Everyone is excited to not be quarantined anymore, talking about how they had to quarantine in Philadelphia before the trip and after they got to Orlando and in the bubble.
  • When asked about his goals being on the team, he said that his main goal is to get back into the NBA.
  • He talked about how all of the players on the team want to see each other play good and see each other succeed.

Finally, two-way player Rayjon Tucker sat to talk to the media. When asked about what his role would be with the Blue Coats, Tucker responded saying that he wants to bring energy to the team and be in a leadership type of role especially for the younger guys and make other guys better.

Other points talked about from Rayjon:

  • When asked who he compared himself to in the NBA, he chose Victor Oladipo, talking about how some people counted Oladipo out.
  • He said that having a good mental game is crucial and that being mentally strong is needed.
  • Not having to travel is a plus, they have no jet-lag, and it is good for mental and physical health. He compared the bubble to college, where you could leave your dorm room and walk to the gym.

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