Mediterranean Cuisine

The “Dining On A Dime” Podcast just finished recording an outstanding episode that gave incredible information about Mediterranean Cuisine and mind-blowing facts about Turkey, Spain, Lebanon, Portugal and Greece, which are all Mediterranean Countries, you can listen to it any place that you find Podcasts and Podcast section, here are just 5 of the dozens of interesting things that you can find in the episode

5–eating hummus releases serotonin

4–Tabbouleh has been around Lebanon for 4000 years

3–salted Cod Fish, which people associate with Portuguese cuisine, is not Portuguese

2–Wine making has been a huge part of the Mediterranean region for 5000 years

1–Turks have the highest rate of tea consumption in the entire World

The episode literally has dozens upon dozens of really interesting facts about both Mediterranean Cuisine and the 5 Countries listed, feel free to give us your thoughts via our website and look for our incredible Valentine’s Day episode, with 3 very accomplished Chefs, being published next Tuesday

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