Flyers COVID-19 Protocol Updates


Unfortunately, the Flyers COVID protocol list is increasing. Added today was Scott Laughton and Oskar Lindblom. Being added to the list does not indicate that a test is positive or not, just that a player is entering the protocol and is going to be under more scrutiny.

The NHL outlined reasons why a player may be placed into COVID protocol. (1) an initial positive test which remains unconfirmed until confirmatory testing is completed pursuant to the positive test protocol; (2) mandated isolation for symptomatic individuals pursuant to the positive test protocol; (3) required quarantine as a high-risk close contact in accordance with the positive test protocol; (4) isolation based on a confirmed positive test result and/or; (5) quarantine for travel or other reasons as outlined in the COVID-19 protocol. 

Obviously, the name the jumps out is Lindblom. Having beat cancer a matter of months ago, his immune system may not be at 100%. The hope is that every name that appears on the list is a pure precaution. 

Now another issue facing the NHL is that the Flyers were slated to play in the Lake Tahoe outdoor game against the Bruins on the 21st. That date is in jeopardy. The NHL has yet to make an official announcement or change to the game but without a doubt are monitoring the situation closely. 


We have learned that both Justin Braun and Claude Giroux have entered COVID protocols. In addition, the Flyers game on Sunday, February 14th against the Rangers will be postponed. The first opportunity for the team to resume hockey activities on February 15th. 


The scheduled game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals for Tuesday, February 9th is now off as a 2nd Flyers player has entered the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol. 

Shortly before the game on Sunday, Travis Sanheim was placed on the NHL COVID-19 protocol list.  Medical experts from the NHL and NHLPA required all Flyers players, coaches, and staff members to receive POC tests before the game. All tests returned negative, and the game was allowed to be played. The Flyers pulled off the 7-4 win. 

The Flyers nor the NHL has released the name of the 2nd person who has entered the protocol. On Saturday a member of the Capitals, Jakub Vrana, entered COVID protocol as well. 

The makeup date for the game has yet to be announced. Two Flyers games against the New Jersey Devils later in the week have been postponed thanks to the Devils’ current struggles with COVID. 

If the Flyers can avoid any more positive tests then they should be able to resume their season this Sunday with their scheduled game against the New York Rangers. 

Per the NHL they have postponed 32 games during the 2020-21 season. Two were postponed prior to its start.

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