The FCF is a Football Fan’s Dream

A brand new football league called Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is starting up this weekend and if you think it’s anything like the XFL or AAF you’re mistaken. It’s a million times better. Why?

The FCF actually lets fans control everything
Fans voted on the team names and jerseys. Fans voted on the rules in the rulebook. Fans will DRAFT THE PLAYERS and CALL ALL OF THE PLAYS!!!

How many times have you wanted to rip the play sheet out of the head coaches hands? Well, now you’re the coach (and GM)! Every. Single. Game.

The FCF is a modern take on football
The XFL and the AAF have tried to be minor league football. They’re basically the same as the NFL with a few minor rule tweaks.

The FCF is a whole different animal. It’s 7 v 7 on a 50 yard field. The games are an hour long. They’re aired on Twitch. There’s no kickers. Teams will have power ups like in a video game. There’s talk of two seasons a year–and a million other tweaks.

In other words, the league is fast paced, always active, and YOU play a part in the outcome. They say it’s like Madden, but it’s more like real life NFL Street. Speaking of which…

The FCF has a swaggy WWE vibe
There’s gonna be smoke and explosions and big time celebrations. Players are encouraged to speak their minds. If you go through each team’s twitter feeds it’s like 95% shit talk. My guess is Roger Goodell would hate this league….which makes me like it more.

So, yes the FCF is a start up football league. Yes, other start up leagues have failed. But this league is something that never seemed possible and yet it’s about to go live. So if you find the idea interesting, all I ask is that you give it a shot (there’s a draft tonight!)…but don’t sign up with the Wild Aces because they’re trash. GO GLACIER BOYZ!!!

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