Why the “Backup” Quarterback is the most Important Pick in the FCF Draft

As Fan Controlled Football’s first ever season inches closer to “kickoff”, fans will be drafting teams on February 10th. No matter the team you’ll be rooting for, Quarterback will be the focus of the team. Much like any other professional football team, the player “under Center” will likely control the outcome of the season. What if I told you your 2nd string Quarterback is just as important? Let’s take a look as to why that is.

Background on the Position & Draft

Fans of the four respective teams, Beasts, Glacier Boyz, Wild Aces, and Zappers, each get the chance to build their teams from the ground up. Each team will get two franchise tags and one “keeper”. The keeper changes every week, while the franchise tags remain intact throughout the season. When it comes to the Quarterback position, each team will likely get two. As the rosters are shuffled weekly, so will the determination of who the starting quarterback will be for each team. Even more fascinating is the rule that your team’s backup QB must play every third possession. Entering the fourth quarter, fans get to decide the starter for the remainder of the game!

Examining this further, the term “backup Quarterback” may not even exist in the FCF. Quite frankly, it shouldn’t. Having your 2nd string QB in the game each and every third possession may seem like a wild, gimmicky concept to the naked eye. Let’s take a step back and think it through logically. Being that this league looks to be heavily offensively motivated, getting Quarterbacks in-game reps is paramount to their success. Not to mention the opposing defenses having to prepare for two quarterbacks each week.

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Let’s Meet the QBs

Deondre Francois – The former Florida State University Quarterback transferred to Hampton University for his senior season. Finished with a career 8,813 Passing Yards and 74 Total Touchdowns. FCF Practice Numbers – Completion Percentage of 81.8%, 28 Touchdown Passes, 2 Interceptions

Ed Crouch – Played the bulk of his college football at McPherson College. Tallied up 7,742 Passing Yards and 93 Total Touchdowns. FCF Practice Numbers – 85.2% Completion Percentage, 38 Touchdown Passes, 3 Interceptions

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Quinton Flowers – Former Univesity of South Flordia Quarterback from 2014-2017. Flowers amassed 8,130 Passing Yards and 112 Total Touchdowns. Most recently playing in the XFL in 2020 for the Tampa Bay Vipers, Flowers was used sparingly. FCF Practice Numbers – 84.8% Completion Percentage, 28 Touchdown Passes, 1 Interception

Caleb Lewis – Spent 3 seasons at LSU as a reserve QB. Lewis then transferred to FCS school Robert Morris University. Career numbers include 565 Passing Yards and 2 Passing Touchdowns. FCF Practice Numbers – 89.8% Completion Percentage, 4 Touchdown Passes, 1 Interception

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Braden Smith – Spent collegiate career at Division III Franklin college and posted 4,704 Passing Yards and 57 Total Touchdowns. FCF Practice Numbers – 89.8% Completion Percentage, 25 Touchdown Passes, 3 Interceptions

TJ Edwards II – Edwards II played three seasons at Division II Southwest Baptist, followed by playing his Senior season at the University of Indianapolis. Edwards II tallied 10,668 Passing Yards and 139 Total Touchdowns. FCF Practice Numbers N/A

Logan Marchi – Spent three seasons with Temple University, followed by a season each at East Tennessee State and Sacred Heart. Marchi compiled 4,491 Passing Yards and 33 Total Touchdowns. FCF Practice Numbers – 88.9% Completion Percentage, 31 Touchdown Passes, 2 Interceptions

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NOTE: All practice numbers as of 02/05/2021

Who will you Choose?

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With the franchise tage being placed on quarterbacks Johnny Manziel, Jackson Erdmann, and David Pindell, it leaves the other eight quarterbacks of the FCF up for grabs. The great thing about this league is the fans will decide. Throw in the wrinkle that your backup Quarterback will get a considerable amount of playing time, and you have quite the conundrum on your hands as a fan.

Sure, you may feel that your starting Quarterback is the most important draft selection. Perhaps a shifty receiver or superback to pair with the player under center tickles your fancy. Because the 2nd string QB plays every third possession, it has to be on the minds of the fans to pick a viable option to fill that spot. Having not one, but two competent gunslingers on your teams’ roster will be crucial to the success of your team. It opens up the possibility of running two slightly different styles of offense within the same game as well. Opposing defenses will need to work that much harder preparing for gameday knowing great duos of QB’s could exist on each team. In Fan Controlled Football, gone are the days of backup quarterbacks. Use your draft picks wisely, as the 2nd string QB is likely to be your most pivotal.

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