FCF Draft – Week One Results

Fan Controlled Football held the league’s inaugural player draft Wednesday night. The draft one hundred players being divvied up between four teams. Of those players, four were franchised tagged by their respective teams. Those players were Johnny Manziel (Zappers), Jackson Erdmann (power-up) Wild Aces), Troy Evans, Jr. (Beasts), and David Pindell (Glacier Boyz). FCF Co-founder Patrick Dees announced Tuesday evening that the draft format would be as follows:

Preceding the draft was the Man Up! Pre Draft Show. This series of challenges pits 8 WRs, 8 DBs, and 4 QBs against one another. The object of the challenge is to score as many successful conversions attempts as possible, from the 10 and 5 yard line. The winning trio of WR, DB, and QB receive a Power Up bonus which travels with them to whichever team they are drafted to. These Power Up’s can be used during the game.

NOTE: Offensive Line / Tight End and Defensive Line units were drafted twice, and each unit plays in both games each week.

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Let me take you through each and every round and selection that happened for the draft. With the First Pick in the Week One Fan Controlled Football Draft, The Wild Aces select…..


Wild Aces – The Block Party – Offensive Line / Tight End

Players included: Jeremiah Poutasi, Jaylen Flye-Sadler, David Meza, Elkanah Dillon, D’Marcus Hayes, Justin Brown, Donald Boone, Jeremias Houston

Glacier Boyz – WR Andrew Jamiel – (power up) Stonehill College

Beasts – QB Quinton Flowers – USF

Zappers – WR Damon Sheehy-Giuseppi – Phenix College


Zappers – SB Madre London – Tennessee

Beasts – SB LaDarius Galloway – Tennessee Martin

Glacier Boyz – The Heavy Hitters – Defense

Players Included – Cecil Cherry, Donte Rumph, Roman Tatum, Jonathan McKinney Jr., Nicholas Williams, Jordan Harold, Curtis Collins, Dillon Winfrey, TJ Holl, Benjamin Hunt IV, James Bass, Ikechukwu Adigwu, James Gales Jr., Sean Brown

Wild Aces – WR Travis Toivonen – North Dakota


Wild Aces – WR Douglas McNiel III – Bowie State

Glacier Boyz – WR Treydonte’ Hill – Western New Mexico

Beasts – Shutdown Squad – Defense

Players Include: Marquill Osborne (Power Up), Domink Sanders, Joseph Putu, Max Davis, Joe Tito, Darreon Jackson, Kyle Kitchens, Ja’Michael Edwards-Lott, Jeremiah Dadeboe, Styvis Latham, Karrheem Darrington, Owen Obasuyi, James Lee, Davakvian Champion

Zappers – Dam Nation – Offensive Line

Players Includes: Pat Allen, Dillon Keys, Christopher Bazile, Elijah Smith, Xavier Dampeer, Kamalie Matthews, Darren Dowdell, Alan Randall


Zappers – WR Kavonte Turpin – TCU

Beasts – WR/SB Christian Saulsberry – West Alabama

Glacier Boyz – SB Berkley Edwards – Michigan

Wild Aces – SB Calen Campbell – Underwood


Wild Aces – WR Richaud Floyd – Missouri

Glacier Boyz – QB Deondre Francois – FSU

Beasts – WR Alphonso Carter – Tennessee / Louisville

Zappers – QB Logan Marchi – Sioux Falls


Zappers – WR Raphael Leonard – Southern Illinois

Beasts – QB TJ Edwards II – Indianapolis

Glacier Boyz – WR Joseph Boykin – Savannah State

Wild Aces – QB Ed Crouch – McPherson College


Wild Aces – The Shutdown Squad – Defense

Glacier Boyz – Dam Nation – Offensive Line / Tight End

Beasts – Block Party – Offensive Line / Tight End

Zappers – Heavy Hitters – Defense

Undrafted Players

Quarterback – Braden Smith

Superback – Anthony Jones, Quinn Porter, Daryl Virgies

Wide Receiver – Isaiah King, Elijah Rogers, Jordus Smith, Yedidah Lewis, Lamarcus Caradine, Joshua Johnson, James Harden

A note to add here regarding the above mentioned undrafted players: Players will indeed practice all week, and, they are available on game days if needed.

Looking ahead to Week One

Week One games take place this Saturday evening, February 13th. A look at the schedule below:

Glacier Boyz vs Wild Aces – 8 PM EST

Beasts vs Zappers – 9 PM EST

With the first FCF draft now out of the way, it’s time for fans to turn their attention to game day. After most players have spent the better part of a month in the centralized bubble location in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s finally time to play some football. The anticipation mounts for both players and fans alike as we countdown to “kickoff”. This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill football either folks… this is FAN CONTROLLED FOOTBALL! I cannot wait to see what the league has in store for its opening week of festivities.

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