Fan Controlled Football – Week One Games Recap

After years of building, planning, and anticipation, Fan Controlled Football’s Season v1.0 “kicked off” Saturday night. The 4 team, 100 player league has had alternative football fans abuzz with it’s unique approach to modernize the game we all love. Fans have been tasked with picking everything around the league. From the logos, to the jerseys, to the rules in the rulebook, FCF fans have chosen it all. Let’s not forget that fans from each of the 4 teams actually drafted players to the teams this last Wednesday! Now that rosters are officially set (for this week that is), all that’s left to do is play. Oh yeah, did I mention fans are calling the offensive plays for each team, too? Crazy, right? There’s a reason it’s called Fan Controlled Football you know. Let’s get to the action as it unfolded last night!

NOTE: Both games took place from the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia. Games were closed to the general public.

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Game 1 – Glacier Boyz vs Wild Aces 8 PM EST


The Glacier Boyz won the Rock Paper Scissors ….. which is the FCF equivalent to a coin toss and elected to start on offense. The Glacier Boyz, led by former UConn Quarterback and FCF franchise player David Pindell, wasted little time driving down the field. Pindell and Superback Berkley Edwards ran for a combined 34 yards in the opening possession. The drive was capped off by a David Pindell rushing touchdown. Pindell becomes the first player to score a touchdown in Fan Controlled Football history! Following an unsuccessful extra point conversion attempt, the Glacier Boyz led 6-0.

The Wild Aces first drive starts out with a couple deep shots down the field. Franchise QB Jackson Erdmann showed off his arm in two attempts to connect with WR Travis Toivonen, both of which were incomplete. Following a Douglas McNeil III catch for a first down, Erdmann was sacked by the Heavy Hitters. After a catch by Toivonen, the Wild Aces would convert a crucial 4th and 1. Fans of the Aces drew up a great play design as a QB keeper would extend the drive. Superback Calen Campbell would end the first drive with a rushing touchdown. Following a successful 2-point conversion attempt by Richaud Floyd, the Wild Aces led 8-6 with 5:27 left in the half.

Following the Wild Aces first drive, the Glacier Boyz offense went back to work. Pressure from the defensive line of the Wild Aces, aka the Shut Down Squad, had David Pindell scrambling a bit more on this drive. After a first down run by Pindell, the Glacier Boyz were marching forward to the end zone. An absolute dime of a TD pass followed soon after, hauled in by Andrew Jamiel. Jamiel has been donned the nickname “Route Tree” by the other receivers here in the FCF. Post-draft addiction WR James Harden beat DB Marquill Osborne for the 2-point conversion attempt, giving the Glacier Boyz a 14-8 lead with 37 seconds left in the half.

Backup Quarterback Ed Crouch would enter the game for the Wild Aces. Under FCF rules, the 2nd string QB must enter the game on every third possession. Being that this was only the second drive, the move seemed a bit odd at the time. It would be announced entering the second half that Franchise Player Jackson Erdmann was injured on the QB keeper during the first drive of the game. Early reports indicate Erdmann suffered a separated shoulder and should be back in action in 1-2 weeks.

The drive starts with a completion to Travis Toivonen. Toivonen had 3 catches for 42 yards in the half. Following a flag for holding on the offense, the Wild Aces would again look to the long ball. Two incomplete passes in the end zone would bring up a 3rd and 15. A beautiful pass by Crouch to Tight End Jeremias Houston with one second left on the clock. An unsuccessful conversion attempt would keep the score at 14 a piece.

The Glacier Boyz third drive, led by “backup” quarterback Deondre Francois, was uneventful. With just a few ticks left on the clock, Francois’ pass attempt was broken up by Marquill Osborne, his second PBU of the half. The first half ends with the score tied up at 14 all.

First Half Stats

From a stats perspective, the two teams were essentially identical. The Wild Aces passed the ball more effectively, while the Glacier Boyz touted more of a balanced attack on offense. The Glacier Boyz controlled the ball for about a minute longer in the opening half.

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The Wild Aces came out in the second half and ran the ball effectively. Post-draft addition SB Troy Porter had some excellent runs to set up a red-zone opportunity for the Aces. The device was capped off by a 9 yard scramble by Ed Crouch for a touchdown. Following a successful 2-point conversion attempt, the Wild Aces led 22-14.

The Glacier Boyz would trout out backup quarterback Deondre Francois to start the 2nd half. The former FSU and Hampton QB looked great during the drive. He connected with Andrew Jamiel and tight end Christopher Bazile as the offense marched down the field. Jamiel would haul in a touchdown catch from Francois, his 2nd TD reception of the game. A successful conversion attempt by WR Joseph Boykin would follow, as the Glacier Boyz cut the Wild Aces lead 22-20.

The Wild Aces next drive was all about the ground game. Superback Calen Campbell took control of the game and bled the clock out for the Aces. Carrying the ball 6 times, Campbell ended the drive with a 4 yard rushing touchdown. Adding a Richaud Floyd 2-point conversion attempt, the Wild Aces would extend their lead to 30-22 with 2 minutes left in the game.

David Pindell and the Glacier Boyz would attempt to get points on the board as the clock ticked down. A couple incomplete passes and an illegal forward pass would put an end to a comeback, as the Wild Aces would win the game 30-22.

FINAL – Wild Aces 30 | Glacier Boyz 22

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David Pindell – 3/10, 38 Passing Yards, 1 Passing Touchdown, 33 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing Touchdown

Andrew Jamiel – 3 Receptions, 46 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving Touchdowns

Christopher Bazile – 2 Receptions, 22 Receiving Yards


Jackson Erdmann – 3/6, 29 Passing Yards, 1 Passing Touchdown, 7 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing Touchdown

Ed Crouch – 2/6, 45 Passing Yards, 21 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing Touchdown

Calen Campbell – 8 Rushes, 39 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing Touchdowns

Travis Toivonen – 3 Receptions, 42 Receiving Yards


Glacier Boyz – 8 First Downs, 129 Total Yards, 3 Total Touchdowns | Time of Possession – 22:51

Wild Aces – 13 First Downs, 159 Total Yards, 4 Total Touchdowns | Time of Possession – 17:09

Progressive Player of the Game – SB Calen Campbell

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