Top 5 Reasons Howie Roseman Must Go

While the Philadelphia Eagles have had a plethora of issues as of late, the one that seems to be ignored by the franchise the most, is the ineptitude of General Manager Howie Roseman. Roseman has composed a team that season after season seems to be getting worse. While replacing the head coach may work in the short term, the only way to fully change the fortunes of this team is get rid of the man who is responsible for putting the pieces in place. And here are some reasons why.

5. Micromanaging

Howie’s stubborn refusal to let the football guys make the decisions on who will suit up on Sunday, has severely hurt the production on the field. You simply can’t win if your GM is hell bent on playing deteriorating talent because of how much they are making or some type of misplaced loyalty. Philly needs a GM that will let the coach decide who gives the team the best chance at winning on game day.

4. Manipulating Narratives

Let’s be honest it wouldn’t surprise us one bit to find out that Roseman was a key factor in some of the bad publicity surrounding the team and its star players. It’s become blatantly obvious that Roseman played a role in the perception of struggling quarterback Carson Wentz. The Eagles don’t need a guy at the top who’s main priority is to make himself look good. Yes I know leaking things is par for the course in the NFL, but precipitating an out right character assassination is just uncalled for.

3. Declining Production

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Ever since the dream season of 2017, this team has gotten worse and worse. From 13-3 just three seasons ago to only 4 wins this year. What’s even worse is the wasted opportunities to dominate a terrible division. The winner of the NFC East has won no more than 10 games in the last three years and it has only gotten worse. The person who put together a team that was eliminated from the playoffs before Week 17, in a division where the winner only won 7 games needs to be removed. It’s as simple as that.

2. Bad Contracts

A trademark of the Roseman regime has been giving lucrative deals to aging no longer effective players. Repeatedly bringing back players like Jason Peters and Darren Sproles, only for them to get hurt and take up caps space, is simply indefensible. The worst contract of all however, is the one given to Wentz. Imagine a GM dumb enough to ink a player to a huge deal with such disastrous cap implications, only to attempt to run said player out of town just as it kicks in. This franchise is incapable of building a competing roster due to the mess Roseman has put them in.

1. Draft Failures

Finally, I’m not going to list all of Roseman’s draft failures as it would just sound like a broken record. But it still needs to be mentioned. The sheer amount of misses that Roseman has had as GM is astonishing. Eagles fans are just about sick to their stomach on a weekly basis from watching players that could have and should have been Eagles excel elsewhere. Roseman’s constant need to be the smartest guy in the room has lead to multiple bust and failed experiments. The GM’s arrogance has caused this team to miss out on stars like D.K. Metcalf and Justin Jefferson just to name a few. This type of nonsense can’t be allowed to continue. And for the previous reasons and more a change needs to happen.

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