Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and the Soul of the FCF

The FCF came out of the gates on fire. A few minutes into the league’s debut broadcast, NFL superstars Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman were the stars. Two household names going back and forth–ripping each other, taunting each other’s teams and cursing up a storm. It was fun, it was exciting, it was different.

And then it got old.

The problem was that, after a few minutes, it took too much attention away from the game. We weren’t learning about these unfamiliar players. We weren’t getting informed of the rules. We weren’t getting commentary that emphasized the action. The game itself felt like a sideshow.

That’s the FCF’s biggest challenge. The tech was amazing and innovative. The ways to call plays were super smooth. The buzz factor was real and earned. But now that the proof of concept is present, the league needs to focus more on the game.

For example, referees brought the fast pace to a screeching halt again and again. At one point, to the shock of everyone, they even messed up the rules and robbed the Glacier Boyz of a 5th down (yes, the FCF has 5th downs) which cost them the game.

There are some other problems too including explanations of power ups, access to stats, and broadcast angles.

To be fair, the league is doing a ton right now with original programming and creative tech use on top of managing the league itself but if the goal is to bring in sports fans in addition to gamers, they’ll need to do more to make sports fans feel at home.

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