Pay Peters Paper 💵

(Just not all of it)

John Brady

I’ll go over a few of the many reason why it’s right (within reason) to tear up the “Bodyguard’s contract” and explore what options we know & maybe the unknown. The clock is literally ticking for the start of the NFL season. With rookie Jalen Reagor already sidelined for at least 4 weeks and Zach Ertz quietly pursuing a new deal? This needs to get done quick, one way or another.

Why pay him more ? A contract is a contract right?

If the NFL actually lived by the word of contracts, then yes I would agree. But in this world of “He out performed his contract” when they reward players early (usually young ones) or the older attitude of “F-U Pay me” (see Goodfellas) just add any of the other cliché catch phrases, it’s why we are here.

Supply and Demand

Jason Peters is the supply, the Eagles have the demand. We are less then 2 weeks from kicking off the season and Peters is in the driver’s seat. Real simple, and by contract standards he was being paid as a guard or back up tackle, he is now the possible starter in the most important OLine spot. He has the Eagles “over a barrel”, which normally isn’t the case in the NFL.

OK, Don’t pay him go get a Free agent?

Great idea and the name that is most popular currently is Reilly Reif (⬆️) who may be released by the Minnesota Vikings. Nice OT signed a nice deal, and is only 31 for a long term idea. Breaking News… He is being released because his contract is being torn up early due to the Ngakoue deal. (do you see the hypocrisy that NFL owners live by on a daily basis yet?) This could also make the birds cut Peters just in spite if he refuses the deal or act petulant if put back to Guard at his current pay rate. (it could happen)

Umm, fine then start Jordan Mailata or Matt Pryor?

Again, if either was ready to play then it wouldn’t be a discussion. Sadly, Mailata is a gimmick for the NFL. (Ex Rugby guy) Super athletic “O Line size” but isn’t mean enough, has bad feet, can’t get inside out like a Guard and isn’t fast enough to be an in line TE. In his current situation, I believe Jordan Mailata will only be used in emergency OL situations or as an extra FB in “Jimbo package” or “goaline” situations.

Matt Pryor just isn’t ready, and to be honest he may need to jump in for Peters at times as a safety gap only. Pryor is HUGE at 6’7″ & 320 lbs out of TCU looks the part just isn’t ready to play the pro part just yet. Add to that the reports out of camp this week have been less than stellar for Pryor. He has been getting beat like Dave Grohl’s drum set.

(Teary eyed) what about the rookies?

Jack Driscoll is probably the best suited for this call. While he and Prince Tego Wanogho are simular in size etc… Driscoll has been thrown into the deep end at U Mass and came back for more as a grad student at Auburn. The new “Fresh Prince” of Pattison Ave is still a work in progress who has a great upside and will contribute down the line.

End Scene

While I do not know what Howie or the Eagles will do with this OT situation. I do know that Carson is one more injury away from being ran out of this town and labeled as “Injury prone” and then the “why did we let Foles go?” or “Hurts was the long term plan” jeers. The Eagles have one play here IMO and to continue on with the “Bodyguard” analogies (Peter’s nickname) I could see the dialogie in movie terms something like this Peters :(sitting with Howie) “this house is wide open” (Carson is at risk) Howie : “Excuse me? What do you mean?” Peters: “I said this house is wide open, and you don’t know how to protect it or what it takes to achieve it. I do” (Carson needs me) Howie: “OK, let’s keep this between us? Here is your check Mr Farmer. (Mr Peters)

I hopes it ends with a reasonable deal that doesn’t hurt the birds because Zach Ertz is in the hallway waiting to talk turkey about his expiring deal.

Down goes Dillard!

John Brady

One of the most iconic phrases ever spoken in sports history was in 1973 when Howard Cosell uttered “Down goes Frazier”. (it’s apropos for a Philly sports story because Philly is boxing and Frazier was our adopted native son) This is far less dramatic, but for Carson Wentz’s “blindside” it may as well be. A torn biceps muscle has ended Dillard’s season before it could begin. It is so for many reasons, and I’ll give you my reasons, opinion and hopefully outlook on a way to replace Big D at OT, at least for 2020. Get healthy big fella.

Why was this year so vital for Dillard?

For starters, well he was actually the starter. The Eagle’s needed to find out if Dillard is “the guy” to replace longtime anchor on the left side, Jason Peters. Drafted 22nd overall by the Birds in 2019 Dillard was supposed to take the “Tackle Torch” so to speak from Peters, who was done with the birds and who thankfully resigned this off-season.

The replacement options

Let’s start with the obvious, that’s Jason Peters. He knows the spot, it was just his spot and he is the immediate guy for the spot. Great, but the big man was being replaced by the young buck for a reason. Peters has battled the injury bug and father time. We all know the ladder is undefeated. Also, Peters is just getting acclimated with right guard so, WTF already right? What is behind Peters, if/when he goes down or stays at guard?

Prince Tega Wanogho Auburn

Who is this guy? For starters we have our very own prince, like an actual prince. Even more official then the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Born in the delta state, Nigeria his parents hold titles of prince and princess. He came to the US and played HS ball at the Edgewood Academy in Alabama where he was more sought after as a defensive end then offensive line. That’s a good thing, because anyone who has played both sides of the ball and was known to have “Violent hands” coming into college, knows how to scrap.

Now on to the college review. He had a rough go out of the gate, but blossomed into a second team all SEC in 2019. He is solid and strong, 6’5″ & 310 lbs he is a lot to move. His upside is huge but he is raw and untapped still, which the Eagles hoped to mold slowly. He has all that it takes to be a solid OT in the NFL but needs time to become more consistent. He has an amazing pancake, then he is late off a snap and gets beat. He will be better, and that better needs to be soon.

Jack Driscoll Auburn

Jack Driscoll is the “Swiss army knife” of the new draft crew. This guy has done and seen it alot in a very short time. After playing for 3 years at UMass he was a grad transfer to Auburn where he played right tackle. (I mean football and more football) He played multiple positions on the O line at UMass & the word out of Auburn is this guy is smart, versatile and has a mean streak in his play. He was slated to stay inside at guard based on not having enough “ass” yet he can do it all and may have to pinch hit at tackle. This guy is the definition of “next man up”. Smart and mean is a great combo to have on the O line, makes me think and miss big Jon Runyan.

There is a solid chance one of these three will be the replacement at left tackle, or a possibility the birds go grab someone who is on the couch. Marshall Newhouse and Greg Robinson come to mind and are possibilities but they are not on a team currently for a reason.

Whatever the solution is, Jeff Stoutland has his work cut out, but he has shown in the past he is up for the challenge.

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Yannick or Jadeveon, the “Long & Short of It”

John Brady

I will give my reasons for why a trade with Jacksonville for Yannick Ngakoue is the right choice for a long term deal, or why signing Jadeveon Clowney could be the right choice for a short term deal for The Birds.

The reports out of Jacksonville are as expected– Yannick Ngakoue still wants out. While that shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone, the price tag may be. Word on the street in Jacksonville is they’re growing tired of this game with Yannick and the price tag may have dropped down from multiple 1st & 2nds to a 2nd round pick, for a trade involving the incredibly talented young pass rusher. If true, this is an absolute no brainer for Howie Rosman to get his “used car” salesman schtick in motion.

This is where the “long” of this story comes into play. Yannick has all of the tools, size, speed, pass rush etc. 37.5 sacks in 4 years at only 25 yrs old makes this the definition of a no brainer long term deal. This will hopefully also light a much needed fire under Derek Barnett who is due a new deal very soon. They could have a career together. That would make us reminisce of Reggie and Jerome (especially because Barnett could shift to tackle later).

The cap isn’t as big of an issue as some would think. The Birds have somewhere around $24 mil in space this year. Then, next year it gets dicey, but cuts and restructuring can come into play as it always does. Going into 2022 The Birds will have plenty of space and a Ngakoue deal will hopefully seem like a steal at that point. Think $18-21 mil with a big bonus for 5 yrs, with 3 of it guaranteed.

The future aspect of it goes like this. You’ll have the franchise QB long term ✅ a RB in Miles ✅ Reagor ✅ Slay✅ Why not have the front 4 locked up? ✅ No disrespect to Brandon Graham (who is finally playing in the right spot at DE), but his time is not long for the NFL at this point. We thank you, love you and you will never pay for a drink in Philly for the super bowl alone. And for the price tag of a 2nd round pick? The Birds get a proven stud, lock him up with a long deal and Fa Getta bout it!! (insert South Philly guy). That all being said, this is the “long” game.

Now we focus on the “short” of it. This is easy, almost too easy. Jadeveon Clowney is out there, looking, hoping, praying someone wants him to put them over the top or back up a brinks truck long term, and neither seem to be happening.

The pros of Jadeveon (beside insuring he won’t knock Carson or any of our QBs out of a playoff game), are still plenty. He has had 27.5 sacks in his last 4 years, honestly isn’t all that old at 27, with a motor that we hope is still well-oiled to produce.

Here are the reasons to keep this a very short “one night stand” deal with Clowney. He has had a track record of not being a very good teammate in the past. Houston tried multiple times to trade him unsuccessfully without his knowledge (🚩). Seattle doesn’t seem all that interested in bringing him right back–at least not at what he is asking, advantage Eagles. In terms of fit, he gives a shot in the arm to Brandon Graham to make one more push, or show a young Derek Barnett what he could be as the player and pass rusher we hoped he would be. Think 1 or 2 year deal somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-17 mil per year with a healthy signing bonus. And lastly, he gets to play on a short deal like an NFL mercenary, with hopes of quick cash and a ring. Everyone wins.

These are just some of the reasons why a deal for Yannick Ngakoue or Jadeveon Clowney make sense, in the “long & short” of it all.

P. S. Howie needs to get one of these deals done before the likes of the NY Jets sign Ngakoue or Dallas gets their greedy hands on Clowney.

“Pandemic Preseason”? No problem

John Brady

South Philly: With the NFL preseason quietly starting to ramp up all around the NFL, I’ll give my reasons (and hopes) why I think our Philadelphia Eagles are better suited for this type of preseason than most.

It starts at the top: With Dougie P at the helm I am confident in his leadership and frankly his clear advantage of Not being a “new guy” in the building. Doug has a 4 year comfort lead on his competing NFC east coaches. A familiarity with Jeff Laurie and the rest of the front office is a day to day nuance that connot be measured or discounted.

A quick look at the rest of the NFC east shows a set of good coaches in their own right, but rookies none the less with their new teams.

The distraction factor: Beside Doug’s Covid diagnosis (that he handled like a champ) our Eagles should seemingly be distraction free. Doug was able to have his assistants take over for the short absence and the team did not miss a beat. I’m not talking about position battles or player deficiency issues here, talking bout the non football distractions.

Dallas Cowboys: Arguably the most talented team in the east, but we are talking about distractions, not the game. (insert AI imitation) Dallas as usual is chock full of distractions from the owner thru the punter. Mike McCarthy takes over a team during a pandemic, a team that seems to have the biggest bank account yet “Gator arms” when it comes to paying its quarterback. Dak has agreed to his tag, but his agent & Jerry Jones could not come to a long term deal after months of back & forth. I can’t help but think this will be an issue later. #2 Drafting a stud WR in Cee dee Lamb is a great thing that will eat away at Michael Gallup’s confidence and his catches, add that to distractions. For the Cowboys and McCarthy specifically it will be hard to implement his new offense during a pandemic with Dak (you can’t feel style thru zoom), drafting a solid #2 WR who has semmingly already counted out the previously seated #2 before a snap has been taken. This team reminds me of the 90s raiders teams that had a ton of talent & ability but no humility and that will lead to more distractions.

Washington Football team: This is still hard to get used to. “Riverboat” Ron Rivera has taken over a team with arguably the worst front office in the east and maybe all of football. Daniel Snyder makes us all wish for the ghost of AL Davis to return. It literally starts with the name, for years the argument to rename the Redskins to something less offensive or new seems to have come to a head,like the head of a giant whitehead zit that will explode all over the mirror and distract the Washington football team like a senior on prom night. The hits haven’t stopped there, the Washington football team has had sexual misconduct, as well as hostile work environment for women stories that have leaked recently as well. Again this is the owner who can’t seem or want to figure out a name, good luck with this polarizing and important issue. The one thing that won’t be a distraction for Rivera is his defense, my early prediction is they will have the best front 4 on defense in the NFL this year. (sorry Cox & Crew)

New York Giants: Joe Judge like the other NFC east “newbie” coaches tries his take over during a pandemic. Judge who is a local guy (Lansdale Catholic) has the steepest hill to climb. He is the youngest, which could show how well he can adapt to being “the guy” who all of a team’s issues, schedule, scheme, etc.. Fall under. His distractions will start with players being flat out dumb and making horrible decisions off the field. First his kicker, yes the kicker. Aldrick Rosas decided that in his version of bad decisions day, he tried for a trifecta and came up lame. Rosas (allegedly) drove drunk on a California highway in June (bad decision #1) he then had a car accident which usually seems to follow, but his fleeing the scene blooded & shoeless was bad decision #2. It didn’t get any better from there. Add to that in May a young part of the Giants secondary in DeAndre Baker went to a cook out, where a card game broke out, that led to guns being pulled out. Try implementing a new offensive or defensive scheme during a pandemic while playing defense attorney for your kicker and CB. Good luck Joe, you’re going to need it.

So, in closing all teams have distractions every year and every team will have to deal with the pandemic as well. I think that with experience, familiarity and a mature roster of vets it gives our Eagles a clear advantage going thru the “Pandemic” Preseason.