Behind The Badge

Lifelong friends, Mark and Tristin were both raised in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Once partners with the First Judicial District (FJD) of Philadelphia’s Warrant Unit, their lives and experiences have taken them in different directions. After leaving the Warrant Unit, Tristin attended law school, earning a juris doctorate, as well as an LL.M. in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law. He currently works in Ohio as an Associate Professor in Criminal Justice, where he regularly teaches a number of classes, including Policing, Courts, Comparative Criminal Justice, Serial Killers and Criminal Investigation. He has also taught classes in the Republic of Kosovo, as well as in the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution. Mark served for more than ten years in the Warrant Unit, where he attained the rank of Sergeant. He also has experience as a Supervisor with the FJD’s House Arrest Unit, and most recently as a licensed bail bondsman. In addition, Mark has worked with national media outlets, as he was a guest on the television series Ghost Hunters, and was featured on the A&E series 60 Days In.

In this podcast, Mark and Tristin will discuss some of the most pressing issues in criminal justice today. This program will cover everything, from training, recruitment, and equipment, to dealing with the mostly hostile media portrayal of the police and a judiciary that often fails to back the blue. Their unique life experiences allow them to share insight on a broad range of criminal justice, as well as social issues. Join us each episode, as we explore the modern state of policing in Behind the Badge.

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