Our Writing Staff

Matthew Maratea

Matthew is the current Head Writer for Last Out Media. He covers boxing, the Flyers, the local beer scene, and will pop in around all sports and topics. He graduated from Rider University with a degree in Sports Media and is a lifelong hockey player. 

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Rob Whitney

Rob was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia and he’s a die hard Philly sports fan. His biggest claim to fame however, is being the father of three beautiful daughters. 

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Rob Manoff

Rob has an odd obsession with 76ers and a love affair with basketball. He grew up in South Jersey, about 15 minutes from the city,  spent 10 years Air Force, and traveled the world but always called the Philadelphia area home. Rob grew up loving Philly sports–he still does–and hopes to pass that love on to his kids and through his writing. 

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Andrew Pettit

Andrew, aka XFLFP, is the host and producer of The XFL Fan Podcast.  He’s 29 years old, born and raised in Rhode Island.  He enjoys writing about all things related to the XFL, Spring Football and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Austin Krell

Austin is an NBA reporter and writer who covers the Sixers and the NBA draft for The Painted Lines, in addition to writing a weekly column with Last Out Media. He also hosts an NBA-centric podcast called The Feed To Embiid. Austin was born and raised in Bryn Mawr, and attended Villanova University.

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Francisco Rojas

Francisco is a die-hard Philly sports fan who enjoys working endlessly on his podcasts, writing and work in the world of radio.  Tennis & Baseball lover who at 4 years old could imitate any player’s batting stance that you told him to mimic.  Currently a News Production Assistant at KYW Newsradio.

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Brian Dougherty

Brian is looking to enhance his audience with varied topics. College Sports has always been his 1st love. He served as Head Manager under Hall of Famer Jim Foster for women’s basketball. Many stints coaching high school boys and girls–most notably at Wildwood High School from 87-91 as an assistant. Lakers Coach Frank Vogel played there at the time, graduating in 1991. 

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Ryan Crichton

Ryan is a high school student that has always had a love for sports. Basketball is his number one and is the primary thing that he writes about. He’s always been called nicknames, so call him Slim if you want.

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Tyler Strasser

Tyler is currently a junior at Rowan University. He’s 20 years old and his major is Sports Media and Communications, with a minor in Journalism. Tyler is an aspiring sports journalist, with a strong passion for almost all major sports.

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AJ Iezzi

A.J. is from Pottstown, PA. A lifelong adoration of sports led to his Sports Media degree from Butler University and quest to become the next Ray Didinger. When he’s not delving into sports, he enjoys; the outdoors, stand up comedy, and beveraging. 

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Victoria Sobolewski 

Victoria aka Tori is from South Jersey. She is a lifelong 4 for 4 fan, who covers the 4 major sports. The two best months of her life were October 2008 and February 2018. She has a BA in psychology from Rutgers University and a M.Ed in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. She was working as a therapist before COVID-19. Besides watching, writing about, and talking about sports- she enjoys reading, the beach, comedy, true crime, photography, poetry, and being a mental health advocate.

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Dan Lembke Jr

Dan is a life-long baseball fanatic who wants to bring his enthusiam for the game, its names and numbers to pen and paper. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, who graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor’s in Sport Management, he will watch nearly any sport you put in front of him. He is also passionate on a wide array of other topics such as the NBA, US History, 2000s hip hop and his wife and their two cats.

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Ashlee Woods

Born and raised in New Castle County, Delaware, Ashlee is the assistant sports editor for the Crimson White at the University of Alabama. She is also a writer for 1956 magazine. A lifelong sports fan, she finally took the dive into sports journalism this past spring. She’s well versed in several sports, but for Last Out, she writes about the Eagles and Phillies.

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