The Realest Podcast Ever

From two of the most brilliant minds in media & entertainment, Chad Fain aka C. Diddy, & Matt Cain aka MattMakesMeSick comes The Realest Podcast Ever (#TRPE). An unscripted, unfiltered, & raw take on current events, culture, media, news, entertainment, sports, community, finance and everything in between. Featuring a slew of guests and unforgettable moments that will have you on the floor laughing for days; TRPE looks to fill the void left by many other shows who play it too safe due to all their corporate or political affiliations. The Realest Podcast Ever is aggressive, honest, unapologetic and rooted in the ethos to always tell the truth no matter whose feelings get hurt in the process.

Listen To Our Latest Episodes

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  • Episode 131 “What If You Run Into The Opps?”
  • Episode 130 “4th Annual TRPE Awards”
  • Episode 129 “Where Is Scratch?”