FCF Draft – Week 3 Results

The first two week’s of Fan Controlled Football‘s season v1.0 have come and gone. Plenty of intrigue has surrounded this brand new, cutting edge football product. With fans having the ability to draft players to their selected team, the dynamic of the fan element changes significantly. The Beasts sit atop the FCF standings, winning each … Continue reading FCF Draft – Week 3 Results

Fans at the Indy 500: How Many and Who Gets Left Out?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway will welcome fans for the 105th running of the Indianapolis 500 May 30. The number allowed is still a work in progress. With the race still htree months away, time is on the speedway’s side. Positive rates and deaths from COVID-19 are declining in Indiana, and today the state opened vaccine eligibility … Continue reading Fans at the Indy 500: How Many and Who Gets Left Out?

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